Calico Ghost Town

Calico Ghost Town

Photo by Wilson44691, Wikimedia Commons

Los Angeles to Las Vegas

Las Vegas and Red Rock Canyon behind - Photo by Stan Shebs, Wikimedia Creative CommonsLas Vegas and Red Rock Canyon behind - Photo by Stan Shebs, Wikimedia Creative Commons

The LA to Vegas road trip in a motorhome rental or campervan hire vehicle won’t be one of the most appealing or the most beautiful road trips you may ever take, but having said that, you’ll be comfortable, and if you get stuck in traffic you can put the kettle on.


Day 1


Before you start your journey fill up with gas, the trip is around 300 miles, but the frequency of stations is less frequent than in the city. Once you’ve done that and got a few provisions, water is essential as temperatures can reach above 115 degrees, you can hit the road.


You’re heading for Barstow, roughly the halfway mark along the route. You’ll reach Barstow after two hours (depending on the traffic). The town has most things so if you’ve forgotten something get it here, but there’s another reason to stop at Barstow, and that’s Calico Ghost Town. In the 1880’s Calico was an old mining town which produced over $20 million in silver ore over 12 years. Unfortunately, when silver lost its value, the miner's loaded their belongings onto their mules and left, leaving Calico to become a ghost town. If you’ve never visited a ghost town, this is the one to see, and the good news is that today it has shops, restaurants and camping facilities, which makes it a great place to spend the night, as the sunsets in the desert are stunning.


Day 2


You’re just 2 hours from Vegas, but for the very best views, its best to arrive after dark so take your time this morning. On the journey today you will see sand, sand and more sand, but you will also see something you may never have seen before. As you enter the town of Baker, around an hour from Barstow, you will encounter the world’s tallest thermometer at 134 feet tall.


The next most thrilling part of this journey is Primm, this is the exciting ‘we’re almost in Nevada point’; there are only 45 more minutes to go. If you arrive here as it’s going dark you’ll see the lights twinkling from miles away, and just like a mirage in the desert you’ll think its Vegas, but its not, not yet. When you see the lights of Vegas for the first time you’ll see why the lights of Pimm pale into insignificance. The first and most prominent light is the beam from the Luxor Hotel. This light costs $51 per hour to run, and each of its 39 light bulbs are 7,000 watts, making them around 117 times more powerful than the average light bulb.


And then, within half an hour you’ll be on The Strip, ready to win or lose your life savings.

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