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US Basics

As you prepare to travel through the USA by RV, you need the fast facts! What is the international dialing code? How much is it customary to tip? What are the time zones? What's the official religion? Exactly how big is the States? It's all in here, and much more.

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US Driving Tips

Traffic laws and regulations can vary between each of the 50 states (although most are similar). So when picking up your rental vehicle be sure to ask if there are any unique general or RV driving rules in the states that you will be travelling through. However, here are the main road rules to get you started.

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US History

By world standards, America is a fairly young country, even when you consider the first people entered Alaska from Russia about 15,000 years ago. Christopher Columbus then “discovered” American in 1492 and the first colonists, or “pilgrims” arrived in Cape Cod on the Mayflower in 1620. But its past is varied and interesting and provides many historic sites you can include in your RV road trip.

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US Weather

Climate is a hugely important factor to consider as weather can make or break your motorhome holiday. The USA's climate is just as varied as you would expect for such a vast country. The South has warm temperatures year-round, while tremendous seasonal changes-snowy winter months and hot, humid summer months-characterize the Northeast and Midwest. The coastal areas of the West have a moderate climate, while the mountainous areas see more seasonal variations. The deserts of Arizona and Nevada are extremely hot and dry.

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