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The Statue of Liberty - Photo by Elcobbola, Wikimedia Creative CommonsThe Statue of Liberty - Photo by Elcobbola, Wikimedia Creative Commons



New York, the Big Apple, is the most populous city in the United States. It is place that people dream of visiting or moving to, to chase dreams and experience the culture and excitement of a city that never sleeps. Whilst there is not much scope to cruise around in an RV in Manhattan, the city’s outskirts have plenty of RV parks from which you can make use of the excellent public transport to explore.




New York

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Manhattan is the city’s centre, an island bordered by the Hudson, East and Harlem Rivers. This is where you will find many of New York’s most famous sights, including the park much celebrated and documented by pop culture, Central Park. The 778 acres of greenery have been a National Historic Landmark since 1962, and include several lakes and ponds, walking tracks, two ice-skating rinks, a zoo, a wildlife sanctuary, an outdoor amphitheatre and an historic carousel. Wall Street, the Chrysler Building, Grand Central terminal, and Rockefeller Centre are counted amongst Manhattan’s architectural landmarks, as well as Freedom Tower, or One World Trade Center, which has been constructed at the site where the original World Trade Center towers fell in 2001. The Museums of Natural History and Modern Art are in Manhattan, and so is the legendary Lincoln Centre for the Performing Arts.

Central Park

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The island has several interesting neighborhoods to visit. Little Italy has narrow streets lined with pasta and pizza vendors, although not many Italian New Yorkers actually live there now. Chinatown is a little more genuine, home to the largest enclave of Chinese people in the Western hemisphere. The Diamond district is one of the centres of the diamond industry, and SoHo is home to a large number of art galleries and artist’s lofts. The upscale Upper East and West Side neighbourhoods flank central park and Harlem takes up much of the northern part of the island, an area which remain less gentrified than most of the rest of Manhattan. Harlem is home to the Apollo Theatre and has a strong hip-hop culture, with many musicians and artists living there.


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Outside of Manhattan but still in New York is the hip Brooklyn area and Queens, both on Long Island. If you venture out of the high-density city with your motorhome, the rest of Long Island would be a good place to go, including the swanky Hamptons which are prime for celebrity spotting! There are plenty of other towns and a long list of interesting museums on the island, including the Vanderbilt Museum which tells the story of that famous family. Staten Island is another island which is part of New York. There is a wonderful zoo here, and a park called the Staten Island Greenbelt which is one of the largest parks in the city.

Sag Harbor in the Hamptons

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Along the coast to the south of New York you will find the Jersey Shore, over 200 miles of the coast of New Jersey which is home to many beach communities. Inland from there is Philadelphia, and Washington and Baltimore are both within an easy drive of New York. To the north of the city is the New England area, a region of six states which is prime for a scenic motorhome road trip, with rural and small-town charm and interesting cities with a lot of history. Upstate New York is also very worth visiting, a major departure from the city with a lot of wilderness and the Catskill Mountains. Heading even further north will bring you to Lake Ontario and the vast country of Canada.

Boardwalk on the Jersey Shore

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New York is an amazing city to explore, and a motorhome rental will allow you to venture out into some of the great cities and states which surround it. You will be well placed to see the east coast and more with a holiday starting in New York! Have look a for great deals on New York RV Rentals.









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