The Pennsylvania Memorial

The Pennsylvania Memorial

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Gettysburg Historic Drive Itinerary for a 1 day RV Holiday

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Day 1

Start: Lincoln Square

Begin your tour of the Pennsylvania portion of the byway in Lincoln Square at the heart of downtown Gettysburg. Here you'll get the essence of the historic district that's adjacent to one of the most critical battles of the Civil War--Gettysburg.

Go on a walking tour to see sights along and near the Square, including the Lincoln Train Station and Gettysburg Hotel, and don't miss one of the Square’s main features the David Wills House, the home where President Lincoln made final edits to the Gettysburg Address.

Stop 1: Gettysburg National Military Park, Visitors Center, and Museum

Directions from previous place:     From Lincoln Square, head south on US-15 Business/Baltimore Street. After 0.4 miles, stay to the left to continue on Baltimore Pike/PA-97. After 0.7 miles, arrive at Gettysburg National Battlefield Park, 1195 Baltimore Pike, Gettysburg, PA.
Distance from Previous Site:           1.2 miles / 1.9 km
Travel Time from Previous Site:      3 minutes
Suggested Time at This Site:           2 hours

Visit the 139,000 square foot Visitors Center and Museum, which opened in April 2008, and become oriented to the park and Gettysburg. The center includes a Civil War museum featuring items from a massive collection of Civil War and Gettysburg artifacts and houses the fully restored Gettysburg Cyclorama.

Once you've fully explored the visitor center and museum, take a drive on the designated tour loops through the Gettysburg National Military Park. You'll find numerous places to stop and walk.

The Park is the site of, and commemorates, the Battle of Gettysburg, a turning point in the Civil War. The Union victory in the summer of 1863 ended General Robert E. Lee’s second and most ambitious invasion of the North. This battle ground also provided President Abraham Lincoln with the setting for his famous Gettysburg Address. Visit the numerous important sites within the battlefield, including Little Round Top and Lincoln Cemetery, where African-American soldiers are buried, established in 1867. The Park offers a full range of battlefield walks, seasonal programs, and other special events including living history groups and band concerts.

Stop 2: Eisenhower National Historic Site

Directions from previous place:     Take the shuttle bus from Gettysburg National Battlefield Park Visitors Center to Eisenhower Farm. Tour Eisenhower Farm and take the shuttle bus back to the Visitors Center.
Suggested Time at This Site:          2 hours

From Gettysburg National Battlefield Park, hop on the shuttle to see the Eisenhower National Historic Site. Here you'll see the home and farm of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. The site served as his weekend retreat and as meeting location for world leaders. Go on a tours of the site for interpretation of 1950s Secret Service operations and Eisenhower’s military leadership in World War II. Take in the landscape too, because the Eisenhower Site has a beautiful setting and offers views of South Mountain.

End: Shriver House Museum

Directions from previous place:     From the Gettysburg National Military Park Visitors Center. Head northwest on Baltimore Pike/PA-97. Turn on 15/ Baltimore Pike/PA-134/Steinwehr. Arrive at Shriver House Museum, 309 Baltimore Pike, Gettysburg, PA.
Distance from Previous Site:           1 miles / 1.6 km
Travel Time from Previous Site:     2 minutes

End your exploration of the Pennsylvania section of the Journey Through Hollowed Ground byway with a guided tour of the Shriver House Museum in downtown Gettysburg. Switch your perspective from the fields of battle to that of civilians who were feeling the impacts of war off the battlefields just as the soldiers were feeling the impact of war on the battlefields.

Totals for Day 1

Total Distance Traveled:     2.2 miles / 3.5 km
Total Travel Time:                 5 minutes
Total Stopping Time:            4 hours

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