Fort Lauderdale Skyline

Fort Lauderdale Skyline

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Home to both the all-American wonder of Walt Disney World Resort and the distinctly Spanish charm of St Augustine. Famous equally for wildlife watching in pristine state parks and people watching along some of the world's most recognized beaches. The “Sunshine State” that is also known as the lightning capital of the US - if you're looking for an RV holiday in which no two days are the same then you would be hard pressed to find a location more culturally, climatically and geographically diverse than Florida.


With its subtropical temperatures, Florida is a rewarding year-round travel destination that is particularly popular with the “Snowbird” RV community. In the Summer months you will find visitors flocking to the beaches and theme-parks of Florida North and Central, while Winter represents high-season in the South (this area has a true tropical climate and, although it sounds inviting, many holiday makers find the consequent heat and humidity to be too pervasive in summer).


Boasting fun-filled water-parks, world class golf courses, historical landmarks, nature trails,

beaches of sugar-white sand and museums covering everything from the cultural to the environmental, North Florida is a an excellent holiday spot that's rich with scenery and entertainment. One must-do on any North Florida itinerary is a visit to St Augustine,

America's oldest European settlement. Founded by Spanish explorers in 1565, this historic

city came under English rule in the late 1700's and today displays its past through a romantic mix of coquina cathedrals, colonial-era wooden houses, cobbled streets, towering oaks and ethereal curtains of silvery Spanish moss. St Augustine is only a 45 minute drive from the metropolitan center of Jacksonville – where motor homes are readily available for hire – and contains a number of state parks and RV-friendly campgrounds.


With its wish list of theme-parks including Seaworld, Universal Studios the Walt Disney Magic Kingdom, Central Florida is an enduringly popular destination for both the young and young at heart. The aforementioned theme-parks are largely located in Orlando – a major city that is often referred to as “Hollywood East” due to the large number of movie studios in the area. If roller coasters aren't your thing but you're still looking to get the adrenaline pumping then head North East to Daytona Beach. Well known for its tightly-packed sand, the beach itself used to play host to a number of car races (you can still drive along the beach in restricted areas – not sure about taking the RV though!). These days races are held on the firmer ground of the Daytona International Speedway and every February thousands of NASCAR fans flood the area for the iconic Daytona 500.

Those wanting something a bit closer to nature will find it at Kissamee Lake State Park. This1876-era cow camp is home to white-tailed deer, bald eagles, sandhill cranes, turkeys, the occasional bobcat and an abundance of flora. Campers can take full advantage of the surrounding lakes through fishing and canoeing and the area's uniquely dark skies make for spectacular stargazing.


Finally, the heart of Southern Florida not only beats with Latin culture and energy but is also home to some of the most awe-inspiring drives in the country. For a scenic and sensory-rich road-trip, hire a motor home in bustling Miami and head south to the spectacular Florida Keys. A series of islands emerging from teal-blue water, the “Keys” are connected by the artery of the Overseas Highway. This engineering marvel is a gateway to paradise and provides clear views of the so-stunning-you-look-at-it-again-through-the-rear-view-mirror landscape. With coral reefs begging for snorkeling and diving, historic sites, beautiful beaches and luxurious resorts, The Florida keys swell with tourists in the peak winter months. Although more activities are available during peak time, a road trip through the Keys in the less busy summer months offers an equally rewarding experience at a more relaxed pace.

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