Glencoe, Scotland

Glencoe, Scotland

Photo by Gil Cavalcanti (Wikimedia Commons)

UK Geography

Photo by Jamieo (Wikimedia Commons)Tor Bay and Three Cliffs Bay Gower, Wales Photo by Jamieo (Wikimedia Commons)

What can you say abut an island apart from it’s surrounded by water?  The UK might be an island surrounded by the North Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Irish Sea, and English Channel, but it does have some very close neighbours, Ireland and France.  But its not just the mainland, there are offshore islands as well, Anglesey, the Isle of White, Isle of Man and the very beautiful Scottish islands of the Inner and Outer Hebrides.  The UK is full of very different geography experiences for visitors on a UK motorhome rental or campervan hire holiday.  

Scotland.  The very north of Scotland and the islands are remote and rugged with some of the best scenery in the whole country.  The mountains are beautiful and there are some excellent views to be had, when it’s not foggy!  Visitors on a motorhome rental or campervan hire holiday in Scotland will probably find that mid June to September are the best times to visit, but remember to bring something warm and waterproof.

Northern England – From its borders with Scotland to the top of Wales.  Northern England has the cities of Newcastle upon Tyne, York, Manchester, and Liverpool home of the Beatles, all very historic and very modern too. As well as the cities there is the beautiful countryside of the Yorkshire Dales and the Pennines which are excellent walking country, there’s also the very popular Lake District ideal for walking and water sports.  It’s also where visitors can see pretty villages and the homes of poets and writers such as Wordsworth and Bronte sisters.

Wales.  From pretty seaside towns to mountain hiking, Wales is a small but very different part of the UK for visitors on a motorhome rental or campervan hire holiday.  In the north many of the locals still speak Welsh and as this involves a lot of spitting it’s advised to duck when talking to them!  Wales also has some wonderful coastal walks, slate and gold mines and some pretty scenery from one of the narrow gauge steam railways.

Central England – the bit in the middle.  This is an area full of very important towns such as Stratford upon Avon home of Shakespeare and Warwick with its excellent castle.  Its also where visitors on a motorhome rental or campervan hire holiday can visit the ‘Black Country’ the area around the UK’s second largest city Birmingham which is famous for its engineering skills and metalwork and where visitors can take time out on the canals which are still in use today.

Southern England – From the bottom of Wales to the sea.  This is a huge area to discover for visitors on a motorhome rental or campervan hire, as this area covers all of the seaside areas of Devon and Cornwall which have some great surfing beaches, the south coast with its sophisticated resorts such as Brighton and the flat plains around Norfolk and Norwich.  It’s also where visitors will without doubt spend at least a few days, the capital London with all its galleries, shops, and famous sights.

The UK is an incredibly diverse country to explore, with everything from rugged mountains to cosmopolitan cities.  Whatever your interests you could spend weeks with a campervan hire or motorhome rental, which is probably the best way to get around because you’ll be exhausted!

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