Bangkok at night

Bangkok at night

Photo by Benh LIEU SONG (Wikimedia Commons)

Motorhoming in Bangkok

Photo by Sven.petersen (Wikimedia Commons)Democracy Monument in Bangkok Photo by Sven.petersen (Wikimedia Commons)

Nobody in his or her right mind is going to drive a motorhome rental or campervan hire vehicle through the centre of Bangkok, but as this is probably the place where your flight will arrive, it has to be mentioned.  If you are spending time in the city it is best to stay for a few nights in a hotel before collecting you vehicle and then starting out on your explorations.

Services for Motorhome Rental vehicles

The nearest place to Bangkok where you can escape the city is more like a ranch called Farm Chokchai.  It’s an 8,000 acre estate with lots of different accommodation options, so its worth while calling in and asking if you can spend the night in your motorhome rental or campervan vehicle.  The other options are the National Parks, some of which have designated sites others are open to ‘free’ camping.  

Top things to see and do

If you’re visiting Bangkok at the end of your trip and you think you’ve seen every single temple and they are all looking the same still make the effort to visit Wat Po or the Temple of the Reclining Buddha.  The Buddha is the largest and oldest in Thailand, and his feet are incredible.  If this is just the beginning of your trip, come here and then you won’t have to worry about visiting any others!

Visit the floating markets.  This is a very touristy thing to do, but the trip on a long tailed boat is a must do in the city, pull up at one on the tea shops and have a cup of coffee made with condensed milk and have your picture taken wearing a silly hat.

Let off some steam on a visit to the Chompoo Wildlife Sanctuary and ‘Flight of the Gibbon Bangkok’ where you can fly through the rainforest canopy just like an ape!

Take a lesson in Thai cookery; there are lots to choose from.  Watch as the expert prepares mouth watering dishes before your eyes and then it’s your turn to have a go.  Remember to write down the recipes and buy some of the essential ingredients before you leave s that you can impress your friends with a traditional Thai meal when you get home.

Have a Thai massage.  Be sure to get a recommendation from someone who is trustworthy; please don’t just accept someone’s offer on the side of the street!  These massages so relaxing you’ll feel like you’re floating when it’s over, your body will be bent into all kinds of positions, most of which you would never have thought possible.

Bangkok is a city renowned for its more seedy side, but it’s easy to avoid, and there are many things which make it a good place to visit too, especially at the beginning or end of a motorhome rental or campervan hire holiday in Thailand.

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