Svarte, Skåne

Svarte, Skåne

photo by Jorchr (wikimedia commons)

The Best Swedish Beaches

photo by Jorchr (wikimedia commons)Borrby, Skåne Photo by Jorchr (wikimedia commons)

Just like the rest of the country, Sweden's beaches are clean and well cared for.  There are lots of different types, from family beaches with lots activities down to nudist beaches, so you’re bound to find something to suit your needs.  The beaches also have some excellent places to stay overnight, so if you have a campervan hire or motorhome rental and want to check out Sweden’s best beaches here’s a list of just a few for starters.  

Not just one, but two beaches to start with, Långholmsbadet Beach and Smedsuddsbadet Beach in Stockholm.  These beaches are good for swimmers and for those who like to have recreational areas and food vendors.   They can get crowded at weekends and during the summer holidays, but they are still very pleasant.

The beaches of Sudersand on Gotland.  The most popular beach area of Sweden, right on the Baltic coast.  The very best of these beaches are on the island of Fårö which you can reach by taking a ferry.  Here you can hire boats; there are also beach games and activities, as well as places to buy food.

Varamon Beach, Östergötland.  This beach has lots of lovely soft sand, some good facilities, and great places to stay nearby, it’s not too busy, and not too quite.

Böda Beach, Öland.  Take Road 137 which connects Öland to the Swedish mainland.  The beach here is a long soft sand with water sports, camping and public facilities.  There’s also a nice golf course too!

The Beaches of Skåne.  Skåne has the nickname of the Swedish Riviera and has beaches like no other region in Sweden. The most southern county in Sweden, it offers miles of perfect long sand.  This is a truly international area, as many of the visitors come here from neighbouring Denmark.

Nudist beaches

The Swedes, just like the other Scandinavia nations, enjoy nude swimming and sunbathing.  So if you want to have a go here are a list of the most popular ones.

If you are in Stockholm, Agesta and Svardson Nude Beaches are the best, they have lots of facilities, picnic tables and family play areas.  There are also the quieter beaches such as Uddevalla and Mollon Peninsula.  The Mollon Peninsula is an unofficial nudist beach, with areas for both nude and clothed bathing.  There are no public facilities here, and that means less people, but there is a campsite!  If you don’t like getting sand between your toes then the rocky Tallparksbadet Beach is an official nudist beach with public facilities and a nearby camp site, however clothing is required here.  

For visitors travelling with a campervan hire or motorhome rental vehicle Sweden has some fantastic costal and lake beaches.  There is something for everyone, whether you want a deserted pebble cove, a long white sandy beach, or something in the forests on the lakeside.

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