Ale's Stones in Scania

Ale's Stones in Scania

photo by Fred J (wikimedia commons)

Swedish Geography

photo by Fredrik Lähnn (wikimedia commons)Skäralid River, Söderåsen National Park Photo by Fredrik Lähnn (wikimedia commons)

The geography of Sweden is probably not something that most people; unless you’re Scandinavian, know a great deal about, but there’s no need to worry as it only borders three other countries, so there’s not too much to remember.  What you probably already know is that Sweden is a large country, the 5th largest in Europe in fact, with clear air and wonderful countryside, as well as some great nightlife in the cities.  There are forests and rivers, beaches and some great ski resorts, so whatever time of year you choose to visit there will be stacks of things to see and do.

For visitors with motorhome rental or campervan hire vehicles, the best time to visit is between late May and early September, the weather is mild and there are plenty of daylight hours.  If you someone who enjoys extremes then you’ll enjoy November to April in the north!

The largest of the Nordic countries, Sweden borders Norway to the west, Finland to the north and east, and to the south, via the bridge over the Baltic Sea, is Denmark.  The long coastline on the eastern side is where the land meets the Gulf of Bothnia.  Sweden is broken down into three areas Norrland, from the middle of the country northwards, and then Sveland and Gotaland in the south.  We’ll start in the very south of the country in Gotaland, which includes the islands and the cities of Gothenburg and Malmo.  Further north towards the centre of the country is Svealand which is home to the capital Stockholm, and then the region of Norrland, the most northerly part of the country.  Norrland is very sparsely populated and covers more than half of the whole country; here you will find wilderness, forests, lakes, rivers, marshes and mountains.  This is the best place to head if you enjoy hiking and outdoor pursuits; this is also the place to visit if you want to say that you’ve visited the Arctic Circle, as the top 15% of the country falls within it.

The national language of Sweden is Swedish, but you knew that already.  You will find that most people, especially those born after the war speak English very well.  In fact, they are said to be the most proficient at speaking the English language on the continent.  The Swedes learn English at school, but they also watch a lot of English and American TV so some of their sentences may sound rather strange!  They may speak English but they do appreciate ‘foreigners’ trying a few words in Swedish.

Whether you’re interested in cities, or the ‘great outdoors’, Sweden is the ideal place for motorhome rental and campervan hire holidays.  You can move freely, and at your own speed and see some amazing scenery along the way.

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