Marina Lilla Bommen in Gotheburg

Marina Lilla Bommen in Gotheburg

photo by Mikael Miettinen (Flickr Creative Common)

Motorhoming in Gothenburg

photo by Krm500 (wikimedia commons)Gothenburg Opera Photo by Krm500 (wikimedia commons)

Gothenburg, or Göteborg, as it’s known in Sweden, is the countries second largest city.  Until recently it was an industrial seaport, but now it has been transformed into a to contemporary cultural and sports haven, even the cities museums have been revamped.  This is the place to come if you love seafood, there are lots of Michelin Guide restaurants.  Even if you don’t like seafood there are lots of other choices, besides the kitchen of you motorhome rental or campervan hire vehicle!  

Services for Motorhome Rental vehicles

The city doesn’t have any campsites in the centre; the majority are on the islands and around the coast.  The nearest is Välkommen till KronoCamping Göteborg at Åby, a few kilometres south of the city.  It has very good facilities and lots of space, so there will always be room for you.  If you prefer to have something a little quieter there are lots of places that you can overnight along the cost for free, and although you won’t have any facilities, with the sound of the sea lapping at you door, you’re bound to have a good nights rest.

Top things to see and do

Take the Southern Goteborg Archipelago Trail.  Gothenburg is surrounded by beautiful islands, all linked by ferry.  Take a picnic and spend the day island hopping to experience some of the sheltered bays and forested beaches, it really is very beautiful.  

Boat Tours.  Still on the watery theme, take a boat tour of the canals around the city and then out into the harbour.  The tour takes you under some pretty low bridges, so be prepared to duck, but you do get to see the city from a very different angle.

Volvo Museum.  The home of everything Volvo related, Volvo cars, Volvo buses, Volvo Planes, Volvo trucks, there are even sections on Volvo IT and Volvo Industrial Equipment!  It’s quite incredible, they even have the first two desks that were used by the co-founders in the 1920’s; why’s that incredible, well, most people would have thrown those out with the refit.  Most visitors head straight for the displays of cars, they range from the very first model up to the current day and beyond, with the concept cars.

Goteborg Maritime Centre is home to twenty ships and even includes a submarine.  Visitors are invited aboard to explore the vessels more closely, and that includes the submarine.  Don’t go inside if you suffer from claustrophobia, it will drive you crazy!

The city of Stockholm is a good place to start your motorhome rental or campervan hire holiday in Sweden, when you’ve spent time here, there are some very good roads to take to your next destination, wherever that may be.

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