Hrastovlje, Slovenia

Hrastovlje, Slovenia

photo by Tcie (wikimedia commons)

Slovenia Off the Beaten Track

Pekel, Slovenia photo by Ziga (wikimedia commons)Pekel, Slovenia photo by Ziga (wikimedia commons)

If you want off the beaten track, you’ve got it!  There are those countries where its difficult to find somewhere ‘untouched’ but here in Slovenia its hard to find many places that are actually ‘touristy’.  Finding somewhere just that little bit unique won’t be at all difficult.  These are just a few suggestions to try out in your campervan hire or motorhome rental and after your visit perhaps you might like to add a few more. 

The wine region.  Slovenia is not specifically known for its wine so many visitors miss this area as they concentrate on the area around Ljubljana or the Alps; however this is a very traditional and interesting region to visit.  Centred around the vineyards of Ormuz there are lots of places to eat and drink in the company of locals, the area comprises of little villages dotted around the countryside with its hills, streams and of course vines.

Following on from the wine theme if you are heading for the port town of Koper stop off at Hrastovlje.   This is the home of the beautiful Church of the Holy Trinity in the middle of a vineyard.  Explore inside and you’ll see that it is completely covered in frescoes; the most famous of these is the Dance of the Macabre which is a group of skeletons leading people to their death.

Škofja Loka, Puštal.  This is where visitors will find Nace’s house, a beautiful wooden alpine farm building, one of the oldest wooden houses in Slovenia.   The oldest part dates back to the 16th century and one of the most amazing parts is the upper wooden baroque storey and roof.  

If you consider the depths of Hell to be ‘off the beaten track’ then you’ve come to the right place, Pekel or Hell as its known is an unusual cave in the Pohorje mountain range. The origin of its strange name is rather obvious when you look at it; it looks just like the devil himself and the entrance is between his legs.  It is said that the devil lives here and entertains young ladies, so keep the wife within reach!  After the devil has wined and dined them they sing attracting young men to help rescue them, the rest is up to you to work out.  There is lots of other proof that the devil lives here; you’ll see.  This cave system is not just for fun, it has some incredible features so it’s both entertaining, incredible and off the beaten track.

Remember that these places are not on the main tourist track and there will be fewer campsites to choose from, however you’re never that far from one of the major towns, so plan carefully and you will enjoy the unspoilt areas of Slovenia in your campervan hire or motorhome rental vehicle. 

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