Karkonosze National Park

Karkonosze National Park

Photo by Paweł Kuźniar (Wikimedia Commons)

Poland Geography

Photo by Klaus-Dieter Keller (WIkimedia Commons)Slowinski National Park Photo by Klaus-Dieter Keller (WIkimedia Commons)

You would be forgiven for thinking that Poland is in Eastern Europe; in fact, it’s slightly further west, so classed as being in Central Europe.  This fact doesn’t make an incredible amount of difference, and the names of its neighbours still give an air of Eastern European history.  Sandwiched between the Ukraine, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Germany, and the Baltic Sea it has an air of mystery.

There are four regions that surround the Central region, home to the county’s capital Warsaw.  The northern, eastern, southern and…western regions!  Warsaw is a thriving city, full of hope and new business, and the largest city of the central region.  It is also where you will find some of Europe’s largest natural forests; it’s especially popular with bird watchers.    Another of the old, yet thriving cities in the central region is Lodz.  Once considered the Manchester of Poland due to the amount of textile mills, Lodz, has one of the longest and most beautiful streets in Europe, Piotekowska Street.

The northern region is where you will find Poland’s beaches and seaside resorts, here too there are forests, lakes and rivers.  This is also where you find the famous city of Gdansk, right on the Baltic coast and the Slowinski National Park, which has the biggest sand dunes in Europe; a great for some sand surfing!

Eastern Poland is another area popular for birdwatchers and home to the Bialowieza National Park.  This area straddles the border with Belarus and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the protection of its ancient woodland; a wonderful area to visit with a motorhome rental or campervan hire.
Southern Poland is where you will find the mountains.  Here too there are salt mines, caves, lakes and the beautiful city of Krakow. Krakow is the cultural capital of Poland and one of the countries most popular tourist destinations. The city is popular due to its historical centre with a medieval market place, churches, quaint bars and restaurants.  Katowice is another of the south’s popular cities and if you’re travelling in this region there are also the oldest salt mines in the world, the Wieliczka Salt mines, which are still in operation today.

To the west is the lowland area with cities such as Wroclaw, an old Silesian city which was rebuilt after the war.  The city resembles Amsterdam, Hamburg and Venice, and is built on a series of islands with hundreds of bridges. The area is also where you can visit the Karkonoski National Park for some stunning waterfalls.
Poland, just like its neighbours, has some wonderful places to visit, but is much less crowded.  Whatever your interests it’s a great place for a motorhome rental, or campervan hire holiday, giving you the choice to move freely and see some beautiful scenery in comfort and at your own pace.

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