Market Square, Krakow

Market Square, Krakow

Photo by Pko (Wikimedia Commons)

Motorhoming in Krakow

Photo by Ludek (Wikimedia Commons)Kraków barbican Photo by Ludek (Wikimedia Commons)

Gdansk’s political past in some was has probably not been a great benefit to its tourist appeal.  The images of striking shipyard workers in industrial surroundings is not where most people would choose to spend there summer holiday, but there is a lot more to Gdansk if you take time to look around.

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There are four campsites on the outskirts of Krakow, Camping Smok Nr.46, Camping Clepardia Nr.103, Camping Korona Nr.241 and Camping Krakowianka Nr. 171.  Camping Smok is open all year round the others between May and October, but all offer some good facilities and there are plenty of transport options into the city.

Top things to see and do

There aren’t many things in life that are free, but in Krakow you can take a FREE Walking Tour.  These tours are run by Polish students, and there are several to choose from throughout the day.  Tours start from the front of St. Mary’s church in the main market square, and most last around 3 hours at a comfortable pace.  It’s not just boring dates, there are lots interesting tit bits and advice too, and as well as the main city tour there are also tours of the Jewish Quarter.  There is no fee for these tours, but a tip is always welcome.

The Rynek Glowny or Main Market Square is the largest Medieval Square in Europe at over 10 acres.  On the square’s boundaries there are some incredible buildings such as the 16th-century Renaissance Cloth Hall and the 14th-century Gothic Basilica of the Virgin Mary. The market stalls sell everything from flowers to souvenirs, and during the day the street cafes are a great place to sit back and watch the street performers, afterwards perhaps take a horse draw carriage ride around the Old Town

A very atmospheric place to visit within the city is the Kazimierz, or Jewish District.  The area was once run down, but now you can wander the streets and pass by the synagogues, museums, bars and restaurants which all have an amazing feeling about them.  In the summer sit outside and soak up the music, in the winter stay inside in the candlelight and the warm.  The Jewish Quarter is just 10 minutes from the Old Town, but it feels like a different world.

At the top of Wawel hill is the Royal Castle and Cathedral, with some outstanding views over the city.  Both structures were considered very important places in the lives of the royalty, and visitors can see the tombs of Polish Kings as well as some of the magnificent tapestries in the Castle museum.

Krakow is an incredible city to visit as an introduction to Poland; it’s a well preserved and historic city with some wonderful architecture.  The sites for motorhome rental and campervan hire vehicles are well equipped and offer everything necessary for an enjoyable stay in one of Poland’s most beautiful cities.

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