Polish Antarctic Station Arctowski

Polish Antarctic Station Arctowski

Photo by Acaro (Wikimedia Commons)

Getting off the Beaten Track

Photo by Wojsyl (WIkimedia Commons)Zelazowa Wola, Chopin's birthplace Photo by Wojsyl (WIkimedia Commons)

A motorhome rental or campervan hire is a fantastic way to experience some of Poland’s most undiscovered areas; in fact some of the locals like to keep these areas a secret for themselves.  These are a few of Poland’s ‘little gems’.

The area around Wolin, on the border with Germany, is largely National Park, and there are ample opportunities for getting off the beaten track.  The area is rich in wetlands and wildlife, and along the coast there are peaceful fishing villages, and the old seaside resort of Miedzyzdroje.  This little gem is gaining the reputation as being one of Europe's best bird-watching spots, and home to the white tailed eagle, so be sure to visit here before its no longer off the beaten track.

Famous as the birthplace of Chopin, Zelazowa Wola is a tiny village surrounded by trees and a park.  The village gets busy on a Sunday as concerts are held in the park, but it’s still not overrun with tourists during the week.  Visit the gift shop and you will see a plaster cast of (what is said to be) Chopin’s tiny hand.

Zulawy, to the east of Gdansk, is a very pleasant area to explore.  Here you will see the remains of the buildings erected by the Mennonites.  The Mennonites came to the area in search of peace and freedom, there were extremely hardworking people and the remains of the beautiful houses show that; even if today some of them are in a poor condition.

100km south east of Warsaw is the small town of Kazimerz Dolny.  This town is very different from those around it as it has a distinctively alpine feel with some beautiful houses.

Visit the Polish Antarctic Station Arctowski or Henryk Arctowski, on King George Island, Admiralty Bay.  You will be rewarded with scenes which would have you believe you were really in the arctic.

You can almost guarantee that if you visit Zakopane, a small mountain resort of Krakow, you will be the only foreigners there.  Zakopane is a traditional mountain town with wooden buildings, and nothing but farms and fields on the outskirts.  Take the cable car high up into the Tatras and hike to the border with Slovakia. From up here there are some truly magnificent views of the lakes and villages below.

These areas are all ideal for those with a motorhome rental or campervan hire because although the areas welcome tourism, the facilities are not as extensive as in the more touristy spots.  The great thing about this is that is allows you to stop and admire your surrounding without having to find a hotel for the night.

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