Tatras Mountains

Tatras Mountains

Photo by Wojciech Andrijew (Wikimedia Commons)

10 Fantastic Places to Visit on Your Campervan Holiday

Photo by DerHexer (Wikimedia Commons)Malbork Castle Photo by DerHexer (Wikimedia Commons)

Poland is filled with some fantastic places to visit for holidaymakers with a motorhome rental or campervan hire. There is just so much choice from beautiful cities to incredible nature, so whatever you like to do here are 10 of the best.  

Warsaw, the capital of Poland.  The city centre or Srodmiescie is situated on the left bank of the river; it’s also where you will find the old town which has been fully reconstructed after World War II.  The centre is marked by the Palace of Culture, which is visible from almost everywhere in the city, so it’s not easy to get lost in the narrow streets.  There are a huge number of talented, musicians in Warsaw, so if you enjoy classical music this is the place to visit, as there is an incredible amount going on.

Krakow, the cultural capital of Poland.  Krakow probably receives just as many tourists, if not more than Warsaw, its centre is filled with ancient churches and monuments, and is home to the largest Medieval open air market place in Europe.  

Bialowiza National Park straddles the border with Belarus and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  It’s protected as it is the last remaining piece of European primeval forest dating back to the Ice Age.  It contains some of the rarest species of fauna, and is the only area where the almost extinct European Bison roam free, as well as wolves and red deer.

Slowinski National Park with Europe’s largest sand dunes is another UNESCO site.  The dunes rise over 42 meters above sea level, but behind the dunes there are also pinewoods and marshes, which are home to some very rare bird and plant species.

Karkonoski National Park is situated in the Sniezka Mountains as is home to some of Poland’s most beautiful waterfalls.

The Tatras Mountains are an extremely beautiful part of the country, and interesting for both walkers and visitors who are interested in typical village life.  Zakopane is the centre for walking and winter sports, it's also where typical ‘gingerbread’ type wooden houses can still be seen.

The Malsurian Lake District, as its name implies, is an area with over 1000 lakes, and popular with both anglers and boating enthusiasts. There are also walking trails around the lakes as well as small traditional towns.

Malbork Castle is Europe largest brick built Gothic Castle and has become one of the most visited of its kind, so well worth a detour to check it out!

The mighty fortress and city of Zamość was designed to be perfection. It is referred to as the pearl of the Renaissance, and is another of Poland’s UNESCO sites.

Lastly a step back into history with a visit to the German concentration camp at Auschwitz.  A very moving and important historical site.

Whether you choose a motrorhome rental or a smaller campervan hire, you will have a holiday to remember visiting some other most popular sites in Poland.

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