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Norway Road Trip Routes

Norway is a country filled with natural beauty and a variety of attractions to satisfy every type of tourist. If you're planning a motorhome trip in Norway there are several different routes to choose from and countless things to see and do. From the museums in Oslo and the country's medieval wooden stave churches to gorgeous beaches and imposing summits, the list is really varied and endless. For nature lovers there are majestic fjords and glaciers (Jostedalsbreen is the largest in Europe) as well as stunning waterfalls like Vøringsfossen and tons of hiking and climbing, fishing and swimming to be done. Along the way you may also want to stop in at towns like the tiny and charming Røros, located in the mountains near the Swedish border, or the harbour village of Bergen, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Read on for some recommended routes to make your Norway motorhome trip truly unforgettable.

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Andøya National Tourist Route
This route will take you along fishing and beach country including tiny villages and sandy white shores. Civilization arrived in Andøya long ago and there is ample evidence of stone age human settlements in these parts. The area is characterized not only by the sea and beaches, but also by marshes, bogs and steep cliffs. Take this route and you may also have the chance to spot animals like sea eagles and puffins. Located in the Nordland area, in the northern part of the country, the Andøya route stretches from Andenes to Åkneskrysset. From Åkneskrysset head west and you will reach the sea. Gaularfjellet National Tourist Route This route of fjords and waterfalls takes you from Fossenheimen to Sognefjord--the longest and deepest fjord in the country. Steep and twisting roads will keep you on the edge of your seat, while also giving you the opportunity to discover sites like the Gaular waterway, great fishing areas and museums in Balestrand. The entire route runs from Balestrand to Moskog in western Norway for a total of 84 kilometres.

- Credits: Jens Henrik Nybo/Innovation Norway

Geiranger - Trollstigen
This route through western Norway can be described in one word: dazzling. Steep mountains, lush valleys and deep fjords have made this one of the oldest tourist areas in the country. These roads offer ample opportunity for great views and discovering Norway's imposing natural landscape. The Trollstigen National Tourist Route will take you from Langevatn to Strynefjell and Romsdal. It is 106 kilometres in length. Hardanger National Tourist Route If you're a hiker then surely this is the route for you. The drive from Halne to the end of the route in Steindalsfossen stretches for nearly 200 kilometeres with many opportunities to stop and admire the quiet beauty of your surroundings. In this western part of the country there is a lot of lush greenery, imposing mountains, breathtaking waterfalls and the fjords that Norway is famous for. Aside from great hiking trails the areas along this stretch of road also offer a variety of good fishing and swimming sites.

Credits: Nils-Erik Bjørholt/Innovation Norway

Travel along the Hardangervidda plateau on rv. 7 between Halne and Steindalsfossen, west of Nordheimsund, to complete this route.

Helgeland National Tourist Route
Mix culture and the majesty of nature on this motorhome road trip. Travel along Norway's northern coast and discover several different heritage sites while admiring a stunningly beautiful coastline decorated with fjords and islands. Along this route you will pass through mountain and drive along coast, admire glaciers and cross into the Arctic Circle, the land of the fabled midnight sun.

Midnight Sun, North Cape -
Credits: Johan Wildhagen/Innovation Norway

This route is made up of the coastal highway rv. 17, known as Kystriksveien, which stretches between the cities of Steinkjer and Bodø, as well as parts of road that go as far north as Stokkvågen and Storvika. The Svartisen Glacier can easily be seen from the road and just a bit north of the route you will find Salstraumen, one of the most powerful currents in the world and an ideal place for fishing. If you would like to enjoy the islands that sit at the edge of this drive there are many ferries and boats that can see you across the sea for a visit. Lofoten National Tourist Route Many of these drives involve majestic scenery, but the Lofoten route offers something extra special. From an archipelago of islands you will travel through mountain peaks and meadows with views of pristine sea water and white beaches, seemingly made to tempt you to pull your motorhome over and stay awhile. Activities abound in this area, which offers everything from hiking and golfing to riding, biking and kayaking. The islands Austvågøy, Vestvågøy, Flakstad and Moskenes are big draws, especially appealing to artsy and outdoorsy types alike. In the south you will get the chance to observe an assortment of wildlife like whales and puffins. Another interesting option is the Viking museum in Borg. Measuring 166 kilometres this route is chalk full of gorgeous scenery and exciting activities. To see it all drive your motorhome down the E10 from Fiskebøl to Å.

Credits: Johan Wildhagen/Innovation Norway

Rondane National Tourist Route
This route is a peaceful drive in the shadow of the Rondane mountain massif, following rv. 27 along the border of the mountains and the gorgeous Enden valley through to Sollia, Atndalen and Folldal in Hedmark. Stops along this route, like Sohlbergplassen (from here you can see the beautiful Lake Atnsjøen) are clearly marked and well planned at spots ideal for snapping a photograph, eating a snack or embarking on a scenic hike. The route also offers the opportunity to visit Norway's first national park, which offers an opportunity to discover the dry climates and blue mountains of this area, which is ideal for cross-country skiing in the winter months.

Blue Mountains - Credits: Anders Gjengedal/Innovation Norway

Including the itineraries suggested above Norway has several National Tourist Routes that one can follow to discover a variety of gorgeous points within the country as well as famous stretches, like the Atlantic Road, that you might also like to try. Choose one or more for your Norway motorhome trip and you surely won't be disappointed!

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