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Bergen to Oslo Road Trip

Photo by Kon-Tiki Museum (wikimedia commons)Bygdøy Photo by Kon-Tiki Museum (wikimedia commons)

Norway is often a forgotten country as European vacations go, but with its excess of greenery and stunning natural beauty, not to mention its history, Norway is definitely a great place to take a road trip. The road stretching between Bergen and Oslo is a gasp-a-minute where gorgeous vistas are concerned, and you’ll also get to enjoy bustling city life upon arrival. On your way back to Bergen you can enjoy the picturesque waterfront in Kristiansand and the history in Stavanger, Rogaland.

Day 1 to 2 – Bergen to Eidfjord
Arrive via plane or ferry in Bergen, Norway’s second largest city and a world heritage site. When you’re ready to begin your road trip we suggest taking the scenic route, literally, which is a smaller but much more stimulating road via the tiny town of Alvik (which is about a 2 hour drive from Bergen). Eventually your route will lead you to Eidfjord and the Oslo road.

If you’re the athletic and adventurous sort you’ll be happy to learn that Eidfjord is one of the best places in the world for ice climbing. The amount of time you spend here is completely up to you and the activities you schedule.

Day 3 – Eidfjord to Oslo
The fastest route from Oslo to Oslo is the RV7 or the Hardangervidda (also the name of the national park that the road runs through). On Day 4 stop in Gol on your way to Oslo to admire the medieval stave church and the open air Gol Bygdetun museum. Your choice of dinner can be had in big city Oslo.

Eidfjord - Photo by Kenny Louie (wikimedia commons)

Day 4 – Oslo
Oslo is one of those great cities where both urbanites and natural lovers can indulge their passions. If you’re the former shopping, good restaurants and a great theatre scene thrive in Oslo, while if you’re the latter make sure to stop at Oslomarka and the Oslo fjord. Other must-see sights include the Viking and Munch Museums, Slottsparken (the grounds around the Royal Palace), tony Bygdøy and Vigeland Sculpture Park. If you’d like a glimpse into Oslo’s history head for the intersection of Damstredet and Telthusbakken, around the area of Gamle Aker Kike medieval church. This picturesque area includes wooden structures and houses from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Day 5 – Oslo to Kristiansand
In Kristiansand the points of interest include Nupen Park, Visitors' Harbour, Fish Quay and the beach at Bystranda. If you like you can also take a boat ride through Blindleia to the pictuersque village of Lillesand or tour the island of Odderøya, which boasts a rich military history, on foot (about 3 kilometres). In Kristiansand, a town full of great little boutiques and restaurants, another great walking spot is the Old Town or Posebyen.

Day 6 – Kristiansand to Stavanger, Rogaland
Continue on your scenic road trip journey until you reach Rogaland, the capital of Norway’s petroleum industry. Must-sees include Prekestolen, Kjerag and Gloppedalsura. History abounds in Stavanger with a farm in Ullandhaug, which dates back to the Iron Age, and an archeological museum displaying many artifacts that detail Rogaland’s early history. At Karmøy you can also visit a very interesting Viking Farm and don’t miss the Domkirke of Stavanger, which is Norway’s oldest cathedral. 

Day 7 – Stavanger, Rogaland to Bergen
Back to Bergen and the end of your road trip. This World Heritage City’s historic waterfront, thrilling funiculars and gorgeous wooden structures means that you’ll have lots to see and do for however long you decide to stay at your final destination.

Written by Connie Limoncelli 


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