Haast Campervan Hire Holiday

 Haast River - Photo by Karora, Wikimedia Commons Haast River - Photo by Karora, Wikimedia Commons

Haast is a small township in the centre of a diverse region famous for its dramatic coastline - sweeping beaches, rugged cliffs and striking rock formations. Haast’s wild and remote landscape remained relatively undisturbed until 1965, when the township was finally linked by road to the rest of the West Coast.

If you plan to spend time here, call into Haast’s Department of Conservation Visitor Centre where you can pick up maps and other information regarding the hikes in the region. There’s also a short film to watch, and a series of displays on the lifecycles of local flora and fauna.

Haast is also home to a couple of spectacular jet boat safaris: the Waitatoto River Jet and Haast River Safaris. The Waitatoto River Jet is a thrilling journey of spins and real whitewater excitement which begins at the mouth of the Waiatoto River, while the Haast River Safari provides a sedater cruise, scooting under the Haast River bridge – the longest one-lane bridge in New Zealand – then travelling on into the glacier-formed Haast River Valley.  Both trips highlight points of interest along the way.

Most drivers rent campervans in Christchurch or rent campervans in Queenstown as there is not a Haast Campervan Hire Depot.


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