Tawharanui Beach

Tawharanui Beach

Photo by Brennyboy (Wikimedia Commons)

Warkworth Campervan Hire Holiday

Photo by Brennyboy (Wikimedia Commons)Mahurangi Harbour Photo by Brennyboy (Wikimedia Commons)

Warkworth is a region long known to Maori as Puhinui, where a country village-type atmosphere permeates. Life here is as mellow as the river upon which the town was built; there’s no sense of urgency in the air. However, this is no sleepy hollow: tables from lively cafés spill onto the streets, beat-up utes with sheep-dog cargo compete for space with BMWs, and a steady stream of visitors call into the Parry Kauri Park, the Honey Centre, the old cement works and Ransom Wines, all located nearby.

In town, specialist epicurean stores offer a hint of the region’s wealth of fresh produce. Warkworth was first settled by Europeans in 1843, when one John Brown purchased 153 acres of land from local Maori and drew up a plan for a subdivision. When Maori towed him up the Mahurangi River they hit a weir and it was here that Brown decided to build his home, on the site where the Bridge House stands today. He set up a timber mill on the river, and steamboats provided a link from Warkworth to Auckland until the road south was finally completed in the 1930s.

These days the tidal Mahurangi River still provides a link to the sea; the reminder that hidden not far beyond Warkworth’s main street lie crisp sandy beaches fringed with twisted pohutukawa, honey-coloured sandbanks and a multitude of rocky islands rising from bottle-green depths.

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