Ashburton Campervan Hire Holiday

Aerial view of Ashburton - Photo by Andrew Cooper, Wikimedia Creative CommonsAerial view of Ashburton - Photo by Andrew Cooper, Wikimedia Creative Commons

Ashburton a medium-sized township servicing farms on the surrounding plains. It was here, back in the 1850s, that the local and widely braided Ashburton River proved a major obstacle. River crossings were difficult and caused numerous drownings on this, and many of the other Canterbury rivers you have crossed. Throughout New Zealand 1,115 people lost their lives in river-related accidents between 1840 and 1870 and it was even suggested in Parliament that drowning should be classified a natural death!

These days, as you drive your NZ Campervan Hire vehicle thankfully the roads march easily across the plains and rivers - and belie the difficulties experienced in the past by both Maori and pioneer settlers alike.

The flat plains surrounding the township form a colourful patchwork of varying produce, many of which are toiled over by enormous martian-like agricultural irrigators, so it’s not surprising to discover that this township has a long-standing association with agriculture. The first stations here were set up in 1853, and Ashburton was officially constituted as a borough in 1878.

Today three museums highlight the town’s history through their differing displays – the Ashburton Museum, the Aviation Museum and the Vintage Car Museum – and heritage tours are given of historic Barhill Village, while spinning, felting and weaving displays can viewed at Ashford Craft Village.

Nearby there’s a wealth of recreational lakes: Lake Hood on the town’s outskirts has rowing and waterskiing courses, and Ashburton’s back country lakes, reached via the Ashburton Gorge, have a special magic all of their own.

There are no Ashburton Campervan Hire depots to our knowledge, with most customers preferring to hire campervans in Christchurch (approx 3 hour drive)

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