Auckland Delicacies

Hāngi dinner - Photo by einalem, Flickr Creatrive CommonsHāngi dinner - Photo by einalem, Flickr Creatrive Commons

These days Auckland, the world’s largest Polynesian city and New Zealand’s most multicultural has moved on and rejoices its diversity in several ways including its mouthwatering fusion of cuisine. Food is served fresh and is vibrantly flavourful, indigenous foods and Pacific fruits add lots of interesting colour and texture, and Asian curries, stir-fries, sushi and miso soup are commonplace.

At the heart of this culinary melting pot is the freshness of the ingredients used, the fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood and dairy products, most of which will have been sourced less than 100 kilometres from the table.

Look out for kumara, a sweet Maori potato found extensively on menus city-wide, and chances to experience hangi, a tender and flavor-filled feast in which meat and vegetables are packed into baskets and steamed over hot rocks in a covered pit.

Then there’s a wealth of sub-tropical fruit to try like the tamarillo, an intensely tart ruby red fruit with an orange interior laced with black seeds, and the scented feijoa, a green oval fruit with a distinctive flavor all of its own. In season kiwifruit, apples, pears, citrus fruits, berries, melons and stone fruits are available by the truck load.

Auckland boasts a wealth of excellent eateries from relaxed street cafes to fine dining establishments where NZ’s top chefs create a dazzling array of tantalizing dishes. But despite this one of Aucklanders favourite meals – and indeed one that is loved by Kiwis the country over – is to order thick golden chips and deep-fried battered fish from an owner-operated ‘takeaway’ bar, wait while it’s cooked and wrapped in paper, then dine alfresco by the sea.

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