Philipsdam, Delta works

Philipsdam, Delta works

photo by MartinD (wikimedia commons)

Motorhoming in Zeeland

photo by Richard Broekhuijzen (wikimedia commons)Harbor of Veere Photo by Richard Broekhuijzen (wikimedia commons)

Zeeland translated into English literally means sea land, and that’s what it is; an area of peninsulas and islands connected by dams and bridges.  This area is particularly flat, so if you leave your campervan hire or motorhome rental on site and hire a bike, you will discover some wonderful cycling terrain.

Services for Motorhome Rental vehicles
There really are a lot of ‘Area de Service’ to choose from in Zeeland.  This may, at one time have been an underwater zone, but today thanks to the Delta works, it’s a perfectly safe place to spend the night in your campervan hire or motorhome rental.  As well as the ‘Areas’ there are also the traditional campsites as well, so you’ll never be short of somewhere to stay in the region.

Top things to see and do

The main attraction of Zeeland is the Delta works. The Delta works are a series of dams, locks, sluices, dikes and storm surge barriers to help protect the Dutch coastline and the interior from the raging North Sea.  Built between 1950 and 1997, these structures have bee declared as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.  You can drive over parts of the barrier, and for those who are interested in engineering; there’s an opportunity to visit inside to see how everything works.  There are also exhibitions, wildlife areas and a restaurant for visitors to enjoy.

Visit the traditional town of Sint Annaland.  The town has a very picturesque yacht harbour with an open link to the Eastern Scheldt.  The town is also home to the ‘Meestoof’ regional museum which reveals how the local people lived in years gone by.  The exhibit includes a furnished room of an 18th century farmhouse as well as antique jewellery, cooking utensils and a school room of the period.  The town is also where you will find the oldest windmill on the island dating back to the 17th century.

Visit Oud-Vossemeer.  Of special interest for American travellers, this is where the Roosevelt family originated from.  In the 17th century they emigrated to New Amsterdam (New York) and you can still see the family coat-of-arms hanging at the Ambachtsherenhuis house.  If you visit the church, there is a monument citing the Four Freedoms from President Franklin D. Roosevelt's State of the Union message in 1941.

Visit the Island of Walcheren.  Take a cycle tour of the island and visit the eight windmills, you can even get a stamp to prove you’ve visited them all!

Zeeland is a really different area to visit on your motorhome rental or campervan hire holiday to the Netherlands.  Like the rest of the region it is flat, but it has some lovely beaches and incredible feats of engineering to discover.

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