Scheveningen, The Hague

Scheveningen, The Hague

photo by Dirk Vorderstraße (wikimedia commons)

Motorhoming in The Hague

photo by Malis - Ondřej Málek (wikimedia commons)Madurodam Photo by Malis - Ondřej Málek (wikimedia commons)

‘The biggest village in Europe’, that’s the nickname for Den Haag or The Hague.  This beautiful historic city lies behind the dunes in the north of Holland and has regal and legal connections.  Outside the city there are beaches, famous cities and towns famous for their cheese industry; making The Hague a great place to visit.

Services for Motorhome Rental vehicles
Visitors with campervan hire and motorhome rental vehicles will find two ‘Aires de Service’ facilities outside the city; one in Delft, which is very picturesque.  There is also a choice of sites towards the coast, ideal if you want to stay further out but still have links into the city.

Top things to see and do

Visit the epicentre of justice and other historic buildings.  The Peace Palace is the home of the International Courts of Justice; the World’s most important court.  This is a truly international building, with every nation contributing something towards its construction.  Tours need to be booked in advance, but you can always just view the building from the outside if you wish.  Another historic building worth a visit is the Het Binnehof; the centre of Dutch politics, the parliament buildings are well worth a visit if you are interested in architecture.

One for the girls.
The Prinsestratt in the Hofkwartier or Royal District, is where you should head.  It’s famous for two things.  The first is the 'Prinsjesdag' which is held on the third Tuesday in September every year.  This is a procession by the Queen to the official opening of parliament. She rides in her Golden Carriage and the streets are usually lined with thousands of Dutch citizens all waving flags.  Secondly, the Prinsestratt has some historic street filled with an astonishing amount of......shops!  Shops’ selling everything from art to fashion and it’s the best place for some trendy restaurants too.

One for the boys.  Visit the city of Madurodam.  Madurodam is a city in miniature; literally, as its Holland on a scale of 1:25. There’s the Peace and Royal Palaces, Dam Square and the canal houses of Amsterdam, the cathedral tower of Utrecht and parts of the Delta works.  There are even working windmills, planes that land at Schiphol airport, boats that go up and down the canals, and model railways!

Just for fun…Visit Crazy Pianos, on Scheveningen Boulevard where every evening there are live performances of piano music.  This place is unique, famous and not so famous, but exceptionally good, piano players from all over the world perform here. Anything from classical to American Rock and Roll; come over relax and listen to some great music whilst you enjoy a drink or something to eat.

The Hague is a very historic and important city to visit on your motorhome rental or campervan hire holiday, the areas around the city also offer some interesting places to visit and stay.

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