Uddel, Gelderland

Uddel, Gelderland

photo by MartinD (wikimedia commons)

Getting off the Beaten Track

photo by Stefan Kruithof (wikimedia commons)De Hoge Veluwe National Park, Gelderland Photo by Stefan Kruithof (wikimedia commons)

The Netherlands is one of the most densely populated places in the world, so wherever you go, being totally alone is probably quite rare.  However, there are places where it is possible to get away from the crowds and enjoy some peace and quiet.  Some of these places don’t allow motorised transport, so motorhome rental and campervan hire vehicles will have to remain outside, you can always hire a bike to get around.

The east of the region is one of the best kept secrets.  The province of Overijssel borders Germany and has some tranquil wooded areas, ancient towns and huge castles.  There are a number of canals, especially around the village of Giethoorn, where you can take a boat trip; there are also scenic and historic walks in the picturesque town of Zwolle.

Another area bordering Germany is the Gelderland, most visitors will have heard of its capital Arnham, known for its part in the WWII battles.  Arnham cannot be described as off the beaten path because its attractions of the airborne museum and the cemeteries naturally have a lot of visitors.  However, the areas around Veluwe; with its National Park, are places to avoid the crowds.

Brielle.  Brielle is a miniature Amsterdam without the tourists!  There are plenty of campsites nearby so lots of choice for motorhome rental and campervan hire visitors.

Hoeksmeer.  You can find Hoeksmeer in the province of Groningen and because it’s so quiet here it’s a great place for bird watching.  The wetlands are known locally as ‘Vogelties land’ meaning bird land but it is also home to some beautiful windmills.

Kennemerland Sand Dunes. If you are looking for an off the beaten track beach try these sand dunes just outside Utrecht.  The wind can be strong at times but there are some sheltered spots.  Take one of the cycle routes or footpaths but avoid the weekends as this is when the area does get busy.

Denekamp. The area around the countryside town of Denekamp has some very beautiful scenery. There are forests, meadows, streams and even rolling hills.  This area is full of …….peace and quiet.  The River Dinkel meanders through the area and is where you will find the traditional water mill of Singravenwith its huge water wheel.  Take a picnic lunch to enjoy on the riverbank under a shady tree.

All these places are made for visitors with a motorhome rental or campervan hire because much of the coastline and the parks are, as suggested, off the beaten track which means that hotels are very few and far between.  Having a home away from home where you can stay for the night is a great advantage; allowing you to stop just that little bit longer and enjoy your surroundings.

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