Rotterdam Blitz

Rotterdam Blitz

photo by Trebaxus (wikimedia commons)

Fantastic Roadtrips on Your Campervan Holiday

photo by Erik Zachte (wikimedia commons)Windmill museum De Valk, Leiden Photo by Erik Zachte (wikimedia commons)

Visitors with motorhome rental or campervan hire vehicles to the Netherlands won’t encounter the same problems as those travelling through the mountains of Italy, or the bends of Austria.  Here, the main roads are long, straight and you can predict the weather up ahead because you can see for miles.  The best road trips will probably be those that are particularly geared to your particular area of interest such as flowers, food or art, stopping off at some of the famous places along the way.  Here are just a couple of examples.

For the horticulturist.
The Bloemen Route or Holland Flower Route is a scenic drive of 25 miles from Haarlem in the north to Leiden in the south; or vice versa.  The route is particularly good from January to late May.  January is when visitors see the first signs of the crocus and daffodils and then from April and into May the most famous flower of all; the tulip. The route winds its way through some beautiful countryside, charming villages and even the historic cities of Haarlem and Leiden which both have canal banks, also lined with flowers.  The whole route is full of colour, from the flower sellers at the side of the road to the public and private gardens.

For the Artist Lover (with a bit of cheese thrown in)
Start your tour in Rotterdam, one of Europe’s largest seaports.  Rotterdam is a city of art with works from 14th century masterpieces right up to the modern day; see works by Van Eyk, Rembrant and Dali.  Spend your first night around Delft and then take a day or two exploring the area famous for its beautiful blue and white pottery.

Cheese; Gouda to be exact.  That’s the name of both the cheese and the town, especially good on a Thursday morning as its market day.  This is when over 100 farmers descend on the town to sell and do all their cheese related business such as grading, testing and weighing.  It’s also the place where local crafts men and women come to sell their wares such as clogs and stained glass.  

Moving on from Gouda, make your way to Utrecht famous for its art, covering everything from religious to comic.  On your way here you pass through Leiden, the birthplace of Rembrant.  The town is a typical example of a traditional town with canals and beautiful architecture.

Leave Utrecht behind you and move on to The Hague, home to the Dutch government and the royal family.  Here you can visit the medieval parliament buildings as well as the Mauritshuis which hold some famous work from Rembrant and Rubens.

The Netherlands is a relatively small region, so any road trip will never mean hour upon hour of driving.  Here, you will always find a little gem in the most unexpected of places.  It may not have the jaw dropping scenery of some other parts of Europe, but what it lacks in hills and open spaces, it makes up for in great resources for motorhome rental and campervan hire vehicles and some great places to explore on foot on your bike!

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