Photo by SqueakyMarmot (Flickr Creative Commons)

The Best Namibian Beaches

Photo by SqueakyMarmot (Flickr Creative Commons)Skeleton Coast Park Photo by SqueakyMarmot (Flickr Creative Commons)

Hmmm…This is a difficult one, Namibia isn’t packed with sandy beaches lined with sun beds and beach activities, it isn’t even like its neighbour South Africa, which has the choice of either the Atlantic coast or the Indian Ocean.  No, it’s the Atlantic and that the water’s freeeeezing, that’s why you find so many happy seals and penguins!  There aren’t even any lake beaches to add to the list, so this list is going to be a very short one, but never the less very interesting.

Here are a few suggestions, and in most cases you’ll be glad you’re staying in a motorhome rental or campervan hire vehicle, as these areas can be extreme.

The Atlantic coast
This is it, it’s the coastline that runs the length of Namibia, but you can have very different experiences here, we’ll run from north to south.

The Northern Skeleton Coast is long and desolate, a vast wilderness.  The C34 road which runs along this part of the coastline is packed salt and you will need a permit to drive along it.  A lot of people love the idea of travelling the great distance in solitude and sometime thick fog, but it can be very boring.  Its mile after mile of long beach only interrupted, every so often, by the wreckage of ships and animal bones.  It makes for some good photos though.  

Cape Cross is famous for its seal colony; this is a good place to visit if you’re an animal lover, if not the smell will have you moving on your way.

Swakopmund and Walvis Bay are the places that are most like a traditional seaside town.  Swakopmund’s promenade is backed by palms, there’s a nice harbour, and lots of fishing boats and leisure craft.  This is where people take to the beach, and even brave the water, its great if you want to try wind or kite surfing.  Cheating slightly on the beach theme, you can also hire sledges and try sand boarding down the dunes.  Technically it’s not on the beach at Swakopmund.... but its sand!  Walvis Bay is the largest port and so is the place to come for trips out into the ocean for fishing, whale and dolphin spotting and bird watching.

Luderitz is another place where the brave take to the water.  It’s known for being quite windy, so it’s a good place for kite surfing, you can also take boats out to see the seal colonies, and if you don’t fancy taking to the water there are also lots of flamingos which have a home nearby

Namibia’s beaches are like no other, and it’s probably not a place where you come for that fantastic tan, but what you do get is a sense of extreme, great for adventurers.

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