Dead Vlei, Namib Desert

Dead Vlei, Namib Desert

Photo by waterwin (Flickr Creative Commons)

Namibia Geography

Photo by Rubend nazario (wikimedia commons)Ruacana Falls Photo by Rubend nazario (wikimedia commons)

The German colony of Namibia is surrounded by South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Angola, and the Atlantic Ocean.  In some cases Namibia is totally different to all its neighbours, and then it also has lots in common with them too.  The similarities are the wonderful wildlife viewing opportunities in the game reserves, and the amount of open space.  The differences are the desserts and dunes, and the incredible coastline known as the Skeleton Coast.  Namibia is a country of sand storms, very wet places, and places that receive virtually no rainfall at all.  It is a truly incredible and very different place to visit on a motorhome rental or campervan hire holiday.

Namibia’s regions have to be the most self explanatory of anywhere in the world.  
Northern Namibia, Central Namibia and…..Southern Namibia, there’s also a panhandle to the far north east known as Caprivi, but how simple is that?  What the country lacks in regions, it makes up for in National Parks and other interesting destinations.  

Caprivi is the lush green area of the country and borders the Okavango Delta in Botswana, and runs to the border with Zambia, Victoria Falls, Angola, and Zimbabwe.

Northern Namibia borders Angola and is where you will find the incredible Etosha National Park, the Kaudom National Park, the Waterburg Plateaux, Brandberg Mountains; the highest mountain in Namibia at 2 573 meters, and the eerily beautiful Skeleton Coast National Park with its shipwrecks and (at times) thick fog.

Central Namibia is home to the capital Windhoek, and is a smaller region which is considerably dryer and is where you can visit the Cape Cross Seal Colony.

Southern Namibia is where you will cross the tropic of Capricorn, and where the big dunes in the Namib-Naufluft National Reserve.  The most famous of all the dunes is ‘Dune 45’ in Sossusvlei, the highest in the world.  The south is also home to the Hardap Game Park, Luderitz; a colonial German coastal town, and the Fish River Canyon; the second largest canyon in the world, and Southern Africa’s equivalent of the Grand Canyon.

Interesting Facts…that you may or may not already know.
Not strictly geography, but interesting anyway,  Namibia has nine different languages, the official language is English spoken by 7% of the population, the others speak Afrikaans; that’s the majority of 60% of the white population, and then there are the indigenous languages, which even consist of a clicking language called Khoisan.

Namibia mines some of the highest quality diamonds in the world, so entry into the areas in the southwest are prohibited.

If you’re looking for something just that little bit different than a normal motorhome rental or campervan hire holiday, head for Namibia for an incredible experience…..but don’t tell too many people, or they’ll all want to come!

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