Namibia Roadtrip Day 9

Day 9.

DISTANCE:     Gravel road 372km
WEATHER:     Overcast/Hot and sunny.

We decided after all the excitement of yesterday to stick to the main roads, so we had a very boring 2 hour drive down a very straight gravel road, all the way to the coast.  Our first sop was Henties Bay, and as the English breakfast was only 40 Namibian Dollars we just had to have one.  After a good hearty breakfast, we headed north again on the C34 the salt road up to the Cape Cross Seal Colony.  I was very excited about this, at this time of year there are around 10,000 eared seals on land as the pups had just been born. 

Now I haven’t mentioned it before because being ill on holiday is boring, but, since we arrived either one or both of us have had the most amazing colds with a very stupid cough, but, we found Cape Cross to be the ultimate cold and flu remedy.  Even with no sense of smell the stench that hit us as we opened the doors was an instant cure, we almost saw breakfast again too.  But, after a few moments to compose ourselves and put Tiger Balm under our noses it wasn’t so bad.  We spend a good hour taking some amazing photo’s, it was also sad to see the ground littered with the bodies of pups, mothers, and skulls of seals that hadn’t made it, an incredible experience none the less. 

Back along the salt road to Swakopmund with just one detour, equally as dicey.  The Skeleton Coast is known for its ship wrecks, and as we were driving along we spotted one.  Jeff being Jeff wanted to get a closer look and as the 4X4 in front of us had just left the road and taken off towards the sea through soft sand, Jeff thought he would follow!  “Wow, that would be a good picture, can we stop?”  I said, “Not now” came the reply from Jeff, and we kept sliding along.  I knew then that things were getting a little hairy in the deep sand.  The car in front stopped in what looked like a safe place, but what were we going to do? We were following and he was now blocking the way.  Nothing for it but to try and make another route.  Foot hard down and away we went.  We also stopped in a suitable spot.  The car turned out to be occupied by 4 South Africans who also wanted to take a picture of the wreck, so we all agreed to wait just in case the other got stuck on their way back to the road.  Thankfully we didn’t!

We then completed our journey to the rather strange town of Swakopmund, the only real holiday resort in the country and the Alte Bruke campsite, which wins the award for being the most civilised and homely site of the trip so far with its excellent individual shower/toilet/ braai facility.

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