Namibia Roadtrip Day 8

Day 8.

DISTANCE:     Gravel road 106.3km
WEATHER:     Overcast/Hot and sunny

We headed south again this morning on the C35, and a very bad stretch of gravel road.  So bad in fact that after the rear view mirror fell off three times because of the vibration, we decided to put it on the back seat and take some of the smaller ‘D’ roads rather than be shaken to death.  Damaraland is very different to the experience that we had in Etosha, the desert is barren and littered with huge boulders which is great to start with, but then becomes rather ‘samey’.  On checking out the map there was a great shortcut through a village called Sorris Sorrris, so as the road wasn’t very interesting we decided to try and get to our next stop early and take a swim in the pool.  Hmmm, everything started out ok, we followed the signs and even waved to some of the locals at a junction who were standing in the back of a pick up truck…..and then the road suddenly became rather narrow.  There was a house, so we were still on the right track; track then became a more apt description.  It did seem a bit odd that this ‘D’ road was more of a donkey track than a short cut.  A scene from the John Cleese film Clockwise suddenly came into my head as we thought…just round the next corner, and, I’m sure I can see the main road just across there.  We then came to a dry sand riverbed. Oh dear, Jeff gets out and surveys.  It’s far too hot to get stuck in sand out here, and it’s also pretty obvious that no one else is going to come along!  I look at the map, and yes there is a dry riverbed, so I’ve got a ‘rough idea of where we might be.  Jeff comes back.  “Its definitely a road, I can see a sign the other side, I think if I put it into four wheel drive and follow the tracks we’ll be ok”.  Off we go, I’ve got my eyes closed and start praying, Jeff has his foot hard to the floor, and although we slow down we do make it to the other side and as for the sign…..well, that was so old it had gone rusty!  Plan B. Either we go back, which means turning round; very difficult in deep sand, or we keep going for half an hour and see what happens.  We decide to keep going, and all of a sudden the adrenaline starts to flow.  On and on we travel, there are no distinguishing marks and just when we were about to give up hope it appeared that the track had been used recently….by a donkey and cart.  We keep going, at least there is hope that someone may find us, then we see a painted tyre - a marker on the side of the road, we start to get just a little excited, then another tyre marker, and then we hit the road we should have been on all along the D2319. 

In hindsight, we think that the road we should have taken was where we had met the truck full of locals, but hey we made it!  The best sight we ever saw was the Brandenburg White lady Lodge and Campsite; we arrived and had a beer!

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