Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

Photo by Kounosu (wikimedia commons)

Motorhoming in Katima Mulilo

Photo by Luca Galuzzi - http://www.galuzzi.itSpringbok Antelope in Sossusvlei region Photo by Luca Galuzzi -

Katima Mulilo is in the very north east of Namibia, in what is known as the Caprivi Strip, or the panhandle.  This is as wet as it gets, the area is in the tropics and from December to March is when the Okavango and Zambezi rivers at their peak.  If you’re visiting the area during this time make sure you rent a 4x4 campervan, otherwise you may find yourself getting rather stuck!

Katima Mulilo is an important frontier outpost as its where 5 countries meet Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Angola, so if you want to say you’ve travelled extensively in Africa, come here and cross a few borders.  

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If you are basing your stay in Katima Mulilo, there are a number of rest camps or campsite along the riverbank, with various levels of comfort.  If you’re travelling around, even the smaller places will have somewhere suitable to stop for the night.  Remember that if you’re visiting during the rainy season its best to check ahead, as sometimes camps become cut off by the water, or close completely.

Top things to see and do

Travelling to the far west of Katima Mulilo are the Popa Falls.  They’re really more like rapids than falls, but this is where the Okavango River shoots over a rocky riverbed with a series of cascades.

Visit one of the tour operators in the town and arrange a trip to Victoria Falls, either the Zambian or the Zimbabwean side.  Its best not to take your motorhome rental or campervan hire across the border here as there is a lot of bureaucracy and its costly, if you take a tour it will make life a lot easier.

Visit a wildlife reserve, or two.  To the south on the border with the Chobe Park in Botswana there are some great wildlife viewing opportunities this is where you will find the newest park in Namibia called the Bwabwata National Park.  The best time to visit there is during the dry season when the elephants need to come to the river to find water.  In this park it is permitted to get out of your vehicle and walk around, but don’t worry there aren’t any lions here.  There is also the Mudumu National Park, and in the very west there is the Khaudom National Park.  This park is very undeveloped, and for this reason you can only enter the park as part of a convoy of two vehicles, because if you get stuck, no one may find you!  If you like adventure this is where to come.  

Visit Caprivi Art Centre which is a community-based centre for local artists to exhibit their work.  Here, you can see intricate hand made clay urns, paintings, and baskets.

Even if you don’t visit the national parks in the vicinity of Katima Mulilo on your motorhome rental or campervan hire holiday, you are guaranteed to animals and birds all around you, and watch out for the crocodiles in the Zambezi!

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