Tavolara Island from Cala Ginepro, Sardinia

Tavolara Island from Cala Ginepro, Sardinia

photo by Shardan ( wikimedia commons)

10 Fantastic Places to Visit on Your Campervan Holiday

photo by italiantourism.com.auvatican-interior cupola photo by italiantourism.com.au

Italy and its islands of Sicily and Sardinia are filled with fantastic places to visit for holiday makers with a motorhome rental. Picking just 10 of the best is difficult however these are probably the most universally famous to start with.

  1. Florence, the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and renowned for its magnificent art and architecture. Everything here revolves around beauty, even the bridges ooze charm, and everywhere you look there are incredible photo opportunities.
  2. The Amafli Coast. The area is famous for its scenic beauty, culture, and cuisine. Positano, a beautiful small town, is one of the top places to visit here with its beautiful harbour and chic boutiques.  
  3. Cinque Terra, are five fishing villages along the Ligurian coast.  The villages are precariously built on the sides of the steep mountains which rise from the sea.  
  4. The Island of Sicily is great for campervan hire, it’s an attractive and rugged island on the southernmost tip of the country, here you will always find a secluded spot to shelter from the sun and even stay overnight.  The city of Palermo is famous for two things, its wonderful old buildings and the history of the ‘Godfather’.  The weather here is nearly always good and for volcanologists Mount Etna is still one of the more active volcano’s that you can close to.
  5. Italy's capital Rome has to appear here, with some of the greatest and well known of the site in the country. Take yourself back in time to the Roman Empire with visits to the Colosseum, Roman Forum and the Pantheon.   
  6. The capital of Love, the French would suggest Paris but the Italians would argue that it is Venice.  Known for its gondolas and canals, piazzas and bridges, Venice is full of incredible tourist sights such as Piazza San Marco and the Saint Mark's Basilica, the Doge's Palace, Rialto Bridge and the Grand Canal.
  7. The Tuscan city of Pisa and everyone’s favourite attraction the leaning tower.  However, Pisa is not just about the 54 meter high tower, take some time to visit some other the city’s other attractions such as the nearby Duomo and the Piazza dei Miracoli or Field of Miracles.
  8. Lake Garda is the largest and most visited of the Italian lakes. To the north it resembles the Norwegian Fjords with sheer slopes and deep waters and to the south you could be on the beaches of the coast with sunbeds and chic boutiques lining the promenade.
  9. Sardinia. The beautiful sandy holiday paradise of Sardinia is a great pace for motorhome rental.  There are lots of suitable sites from which to base your stay on the island.  This is where many Italian’s holiday and where you will find some of the oldest people in the county, many of whom exceed 100 years of age, but don’t think the area is just full of elderly people, the beaches are full of Italian beauties, both men and women.
  10. Right at the bottom of Italy’s heel is the Salentine Peninsula and the baroque town of Lecce.  This area is surrounded by olive groves, pine woods, has fine sandy beaches and the beautiful fishing village of Gallipoli, once an island but now joined to the mainland by a causeway.

Whether you choose a motrorhome rental or a smaller campervan hire you will have a holiday to remember visiting some other most popular sites in Italy.

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