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Motorhoming in Venice

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There is one thing we need to put right before we start. If you mention to a lot of people that you’re going to visit Venice they say “oh, we’ve been there and it smells”.  Well, yes it does, it’s a saltwater lagoon so just like a visit to the beach there’s a slight tang in the air, but it’s nearly as bad as some of the side alleys in other large cities!  Now we’ve got over the first hurdle lets discover what this beautiful city has to offer visitors with a motorhome rental or campervan hire.  

Services for Motorhome Rental vehicles.
There are over ten different campsites in the Venice area, many of them at Venice Lido, the beach area, fifteen to twenty minutes away on the vaporetti or water taxi.  These sites are all well equipped and perfect for motorhome rental and campervan hire vehicles.

Top things to see and do
Visit St. Square and Basilica.  Get here early, or come late to avoid the crowds, this is when the square is at its best.  The Basilica is a typical Italian beauty with marble pillars and huge mosaics.  Find the narrow staircase which leads up to one of the museums which allows access to the roof or take the lift to the top of the campanile.  A top tip for visiting this part of the Basilica, go just after the hour or you could hear the bells ringing in your ears for weeks.

Just walk.   Forget the map and just wander, take in all the beautiful sights and experience the atmosphere from the tiny streets where fresh laundry hangs above your head and the smell of home cooking drifts from the open windows, you’re sure to still come across all the sights.  

One for the girls. Take a ride in a gondola.  Yes, it’s overpriced and very touristy but get your ‘loved one’ to serenade you on a romantic gondola.  You’ll look like a film star and you’re sure to be in a lot of photos.

One for the boys. Do something really different; take a kayaking tour around the canals of Venice.  Paddle through some of the small back waters as well as the Grand Canal whilst your tour guide and leader explains the best bits.

Just for fun… Watch the tourists getting reprimanded in St Marks Square.  If you are standing in the queue waiting to enter the Basilica San Marco look around you.  The city commune now employ people to address the unsociable behaviour of tourists which includes walking round without a shirt on and eating sandwiches whilst not seated in one of the restaurants or bars.  One tip, if they pick on you don’t pretend you don’t understand because they all speak at least three different languages!

Venice is a tourist city, but go beyond the ‘must see’ sights and explore some of the quieter spots.

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