Badia a Passignano, Tuscany

Badia a Passignano, Tuscany

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Italy Geography

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For those who hated Geography at school don’t be afraid, this is interesting.  It’s also very important when it comes to motorhome and campervan hire because Italy is full of beautiful hilltop villages and mountain scenery, some of which are best tackled in a micro car, unless you want to get stuck!  Italy is somewhere to visit all year round.  In the winter the Alps or the Dolomites in the north are a skier’s paradise, from April until November the lakes always have changing scenery and then further south there are wonderful cities and large areas of unspoilt countryside.  Take your pick.

Shaped like a boot, Italy starts off resembling its neighbours Austria, Switzerland and France.  There are beautiful mountains and chalet type houses in the foothills of the Alps and a million miles apart from the fashionable cities of Milan and Turin a little further down.  The north also has fashionable seaside resorts and one of the tourist hotspots for motorhome rentals, the lakes.  Further to the east be one of the 12 million tourists who visit Venice each year, but Venice is not the only reason to visit this side of Italy, there are beautiful mountains and the Po Valley.

Central Italy, in this case from Florence down to Naples, is packed with gems.  Tuscany has been attracting visitors for centuries and thought of as quintessential Italy.  Florence, Siena, Pisa and Lucca are full of history and Renaissance art; it’s a place to get lost in for weeks and with campervan hire you save a fortune on hotels in this area.  Moving south to Rome, even for those who hated geography can find something to interest them.  This is not a place for anyone to be driving around, even the locals; there are great transport links and open top bus tours to experience what this wonderful city has to offer.  Leave your motorhome or camper on the outskirts and travel in, it will much less stressful.  Moving to the outskirts of Rome towards the East is the wonderful town of Tivoli famous for the gardens of the Villa D’Este.

Southern Italy, from Naples to Sicily. Naples is the biggest city in the south and is somewhere people love or hate, it’s busy and chaotic but outside there are the incredible ruins of Pompeii and the magnificent Mount Vesuvius.  South of the city is ‘the garden of Italy’ this is where the majority of Italy’s food comes from and you will see why.  Nearly always sunny, this is where some of the locals still use donkeys and live in Trulli, round houses with conical roofs.  Right at the bottom is the island of Sicily, Palermo its capital (famous for the men in black suits) has some magnificent sights and Taormina is the place to go for fantastic views of Mount Etna.

Whatever your interests Italy is the ideal place for motorhome rentals, it gives you choice to move freely and see some jaw dropping scenery in comfort and at your own pace.  The main autostradas are easily navigated and can get you from A to B quite quickly, however why not take some of the smaller roads and experience the real Italy.  You may find some of the roads a little narrow in places but in most towns and villages there will be sufficient parking on the outskirts.

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