Seapoint in Monkstown, Dublin

Seapoint in Monkstown, Dublin

photo by TheChonkster (wikimedia commons)

Ireland Geography

photo by DI Florian Fuchs (wikimedia commons)View of the Ring of Kerry, County Kerry Photo by DI Florian Fuchs (wikimedia commons)

Ireland boasts of some of the most wondrous, breath taking and often astonishing geographical attractions; the island is nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea that separates it from the United Kingdom. Ireland is divided into 32 counties of which 6 are in Ulster and form a part of Northern Ireland while the other 26 together are the Republic of Ireland. The island has typical topography where the periphery is lined by coastal mountains with low plains in the center. The numerous river flowing inland along with the several lakes together epitomize the geography of Ireland. The almost exhilarating feeling of exploring the island can be bet enjoyed as you traverse some of the most scenic routes on the island in your very own motor home. There are numerous campervan hire establishments that can be approached to rent a vehicle of your choice

Although the island is not particularly large, the coast line is massive at 3700 kms; the largest mountain is the Carrauntoohill that rises to an elevation of 3,406 ft. The western coast of the island is full of innumerable vistas all of which offer a breath taking and panoramic view of the ocean and the island. the sobriquet given to Ireland “Emerald Isle; is quite apt considering that the mild oceanic climate of Ireland has led to the growth of a lush carpet of vegetation all over the island, speckled only by the peaks that jut through them.

The island is drained by numerous rivers all of which flow towards the two oceans; most notably among them is the River Shannon, the longest river on the island; it runs for 386 kms before it meets the ocean after flowing through Limerick. The thick growth of flora has offered the ideal environment for the diverse fauna that makes Ireland its home; you can find as many as 26 mammal species here such as the badger, hedgehog, pine marten, Irish hare, red fox and the red deer

The South West: For decades this part of Ireland played the role of an idealistic sojourn for the rich and famous of the Victorian Era; poles apart from London in terms of its climate and scenery, its long expanses of white sandy beaches are enough to beckon anybody as rocky precipices make their way into the wild Atlantic below with its waves lapping at the picturesque shores of Ireland. The near perfect environment gave rise to several quaint fishing villages; each with its distinct personality; but yet huddled together with others in the embrace of inlets and bays. Country Kerry is well known for its Celtic and other prehistoric sites. The stunning landscape often proves to be a haven for tourists who are enticed into staying back and making it their home.

The West Coast: The most traditional part of Ireland; this is where you can see the friendly fishermen and peat farmers wave out to you as you drive down in your motor home along roads that have formed the backdrop for several movies. An essential part of Irish history; this region is home to the popular city of Galway with massive sailing ships, the most exciting shopping areas and lively, foot stomping music

Dublin: Among the most glorious cities of Europe is Dublin where art and architecture mingle and romance each other to form a perfect blend of bright energy levels that course through the streets of the city. Famed for its plethora of parks, sculptures, mountains, rivers and much more Dublin is the inimitable vacationers paradise

South East: If you are looking forward to working on that tan, you need to head to the South East; teeming with rolling hills that stand guard to idyllic farm lands and speckled by opulent Manor houses and medieval castles; this is the perfect area if you are looking for a few days of fun on the beach

East Coast: This is often considered to be the resting place of all things holy to the Celtics; a civilization which has long since perished yet the remnants of their spirituality enthrall us till today as they stand tall. Since much of the Midlands do not fit the text book definition of a tourist hot spot; you will find that the area gleefully lacks the customary throngs of tourist

Northern Ireland: Although just one sixth of the island of Ireland; the northern part is enough to thrill any tourist; the shimmer of Belfast with it innumerable pubs; the lovely gardens and the sublime Victorian architecture but if you have had enough of city life head to the coast for an exalting experience because this is the most stunning and diverse coast line that you will ever see anywhere in the world.

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