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Motorhoming in Hafnarfjordur

The port town of Hafnarfjörður town is situated south west of Reykjavik, and is the third most populated area of Iceland.   Hafnarfjörður is most famous for its annual Viking festival and the ‘little people’ who are said to live there.  It’s also considered to be the country’s Rock and Roll capital, with many well known bands originating as well as playing in the area.

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There is one campsite in Hafnarfjörður, owned and operated by the Hafnarfjörður guest house, called Campsite Víðistaðatún.  The sheltered site is set on the edge of the Vídistadatún recreational water and has all the necessary facilities for visitors with Iceland motorhome rental and campervan hire vehicles, from June until September.

Top things to see and do

Top of the list has to be a search for the ‘little people’.  Hafnarfjörður is known as one of the most popular places in the country for elves to live. It is said that the elves have chosen to use the huge lava boulders as their homes because they are almost impossible to destroy.  Special tours are organised to visit some of the best homes, its worth doing the tour just for the amazing conversation opportunities!

Visit the annual summer International Viking festival at Fjorukrain, or if you’re not here when the festival is taking place, visit some of the Viking related attractions including:

The Viking restaurant, for a typical feast in a carved timber replica of a Viking Hall and be waited on by a …..Viking.  There is also a Viking village with blacksmiths workshop, and the place where you will find Hafnarfjörður’s only hotel called the Viking hotel; bet you’re glad you’re staying in a campervan.  

Pay a visit to the West Nordic Cultural House, dedicated to uncovereing the Inuit and Viking cultures with items of handicraft and traditioanl crafts.  

Take a trip to the geothermal area of Krísuvík, 30 minutes drive from Hafnarfjörður .  The area has some amazing solfataras, boiling mud springs, and a  blowing steam vent; everything is multicoloured,  At nearby Krísuvíkurberg cliffs you can see where thousands of sea birds nest.

Visit some diverse parks and nature reserves - The lava landscape of the Hellisgerdi Park, is home to 150 bonsai trees, the most northerly collection in the world, or visit the Ástjörn Nature Reserve for visitors who love birds.

For views, and panoramic walks go inland from Mt. Ásfjall.  This area is a comibination of lava and mountain scenery, and the beautiful Hvaleyrarvatn lake; for the best views climb to thetop of Mt. Helgafell.

Hafnarfjörður has lots of different things to offer visitors with a motorhome rental or campervan hire in Iceland, where else in the world could you visit the home of an elf?

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