Blooming Tulips, Lake Constance

Blooming Tulips, Lake Constance

photo by Mainau GmbH

Top Ten Places to see in Germany

Farm houses in the Black Forest (photo by DZT/BSB )Farm houses in the Black Forest (photo by DZT/BSB)

Despite Germany’s foray as a European industrial and financial leader; the country has not halted its love affair with the aesthetic pleasures of life and Mother Nature has been more than generous spreading her riches all over the land; from its shoreline to the North to the Bavarian Alps in the south and even the Central Uplands all of which have an immense amount of scenic beauty and sheer ecstasy to offer to the millions of visitors who throng to the country each year. It is no wonder then that Germany consistently figures on the list of the best vacation destinations in the world. Its urban areas abound in bars, pubs and museums that are enough to whet the appetite of any tourist looking for the shimmer and shine associated with a developed metropolitan area and for those who are seeking a tranquil sojourn; there s the serenity, peace and quiet of its small towns and villages; there are simply too many wondrous places to visit in Germany and if you want to cover them all or even a single region, a campervan hire Germany is in order so that you don’t have to worry about accommodation. 

Here is a look at the top ten places to visit in Germany.

The Berlin Wall: Tears of joy were shed and people breathed a sigh of relief at the unification of Germany when the wall came down; people from both sides ran with hammers to break down the great divide that had kept them away from friends and family for decades; the Berlin wall is an area of the country that is suffused with a lot of emotions. 

Fussen Castles: Like most European countries with an imperial or sovereign pas; Germany has its fair share of castles; Fussen has two of Ludwig’s Castles; the area is interesting because it offers visitors a glimpse into the utter luxury that the German nobility spent their days in; the castles are also a sight to behold for architecture students.

Neuschwanstein Castle: The castle of Sleeping Beauty was inspired by Ludwig’s Neuschwanstein Castle; the red carpets and the towering alabaster walls along with the wide parapets and the high towers were all taken from this castle. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country

Chiemsee: The best way to get to the lake, castle and the church on the island is through a hot air balloon ride; although, you could also take a ferry. The castle here is Ludwig’s tribute to the Versailles and his dream of absolute monarchy.

Augsburg: The quaint town established by the Roman legions and bearing the name of the illustrious Roman Emperor ‘ Augustus’ can be reached through the Romantic Road. There are several historical places here along with the famed the Renaissance golden room and the St. Anne’s church that once served as a refuge for Martin Luther.

Lake Constance: The Lake plays a pivotal role as the primary water supplier to the country; it is a popular tourist attraction and it is not unusual to see hordes of tourist enjoying various water sports on its tranquil waters; the area is also idyllic for nature lovers and bird watchers. The huge lake offers a perfect setting for a picnic

Cologne: The town is one of the hotspots for the fashionistas of the world; almost all major fashion houses vie to own a spot in this town. It is also popular for its magnanimous view of the Cologne Cathedral and the Rhine River

Black Forest: Don’t let the name deter you; the Black Forest appears black simply because of the dense foliage cover of the tall spruce and fir trees; the place is perfect for hiking and a picnic which often ends in one of the shops in the areacover a piece of the delectable black forest cake or enjoying the chimes of the cuckoo clocks

Dachau: This is not a traditional tourist attraction albeit very popular with visitors interested in learning about Germany’s dark past; the area was a concentration camp where Jews and POW were housed during WWII; although the place still reeks of torture against humanity; there is s statue erected bearing the words “Never Again”, which is a solemn promise as much to the world as the Germans who to this day are trying to distance themselves from the horrific events of the past.

Würzburg: The city is well known for its dramatic architecture seen in its numerous churches are other buildings; the medieval town was once well known as the city of a major university and lies at the heart of the wine producing region.

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