Bastei bridge Hohenstein-Rathen

Bastei bridge Hohenstein-Rathen

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German Geography

Wettersteingebirge, Bavaria. Photo by DZT/BSBWettersteingebirge, Bavaria. Photo by DZT/BSB

Germany lies at the heart of Europe; the central European country shares its borders with the most southern and northern European nations such as Denmark to its north; Belgium, France; the Netherlands and Luxembourg to its west; Austria and Switzerland to its south while Poland and Czech Republic lie to its east. The central location and majestic scenery make Germany the ideal place to have a Germany motorhome hire holiday.

Germany is well known for its remarkably diverse landscape; covering a surface area of 367,000 square kilometers; although the country is smaller than its neighbor France and Spain; what it lacks for in terms of size is made up for in its spectacular lakes, forest lands, hilly areas and the Bavarian Alps. The country is the most populated nation in Europe and is divided into five distinct topographical regions:

The North Plains:  The sandy low lands are in stark contrast with the mysterious heaths and moors and the glorious lakes along with the several rivers that add a touch of blue and life to what would have otherwise been arid plains. The northern regions also have plenty of RV Campgrounds as motorhoming is popular tradition in Germany. The northern most extremity of the country is the island of Sylt. The North Sea (Noordsee) and the Baltic Sea line its northern shores; the region of the northern plains covers the maximum area in the country and almost all of the landform is 300 feet below sea level. The major rivers that drain the region such as the Elb, Oder, Ems Weser and Rhine all flow either to the Baltic or to the North sea. They two water bodies are linked by the Kiel Canal and most of the rivers are used as waterways for transportation of goods. The northern region is also popular for its heathlands; areas that are covered in gravel and sand that was brought down by the glaciers thousands of years ago.

The Bavarian Alps: The majestic Alps with some of its peaks rising to 6000 feet is one of the most prominent mountain ranges of Europe. The highest peak in the Bavarian Alp is the Zugspitzes at 9,721 feet; the region is breath takingly beautiful with several waterfalls and lakes such as the Starnbergersee, Chiemsee and the Ammersee. Bavaria has some of the most fertile plains in the country that provide most of the food grains required in the country. Please keep in mind to take extra precautions when driving at high altitude with your German Motorhome Rental.

Black Forest: The area acquired ts namesake from the tall spruce and Fir trees that cover the mountainous regions; their foliage covering the mountain side; the dense leaf coverage almost appears black; the forest region is known for its mineral springs and most of the area is above sea level with some peaks touching 4000 feet. 

The Central Uplands: The plans of from the northern region of the country extend downwards culminating into ancient mountain ranges known as the central uplands. The rivers flowing through the region have cut narrow valleys into the landscape that stand against a backdrop of flat to sharp peaks. The plateaus range from 1000 to 2500 feet above sea level with the Thuringian forest and the Harz Mountain boasting of peaks that scale up to 3000 feet. The region is popular for its vineyards and orchards seen on the slopes.

The Hills of the South: Sheep are raised along the series of parallel, long ridges known as escarpments; however, the lowlands have very fertile clay soil so some of the most productive farmlands of the country are found in the region.

The immense diversity of the landscape is best explored through the windows of a campervan; there are several motor home rental businesses that you an approach if you want to experience the beauty of Germany; the country with a million possibilities.

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