Schloss Neuschwanstein

Schloss Neuschwanstein

Photo by Softeis (Wikimedia Commons)

Frankfurt to Munich – A roadtrip for visitors who love big castles.

Photo by Christian Horvat (Wikimedia Commons)Fortress Marienberg Photo by Christian Horvat (Wikimedia Commons)

The road from Frankfurt to Munich could be covered in half a day, but with a Germany motorhome rental or campervan hire why rush?  There are lots of wonderful castles to visit and some glorious views, so why not take a few days to discover this beautiful area; here’s a suggested route.

Day 1

After collecting your motorhome rental or campervan hire vehicle head south towards your first stop just over half an hour away.  Turn off the main A3 and head for Aschaffenburg, where you will arrive at one of the top sights in Bavaria along the banks of the Main River.  The Schloss Johannisburg is a magnificent Renaissance palace and home to three collections, the National Gallery filled with old Dutch and German masters (paintings not old teachers!), the Palace Chapel with a wonderful Renaissance alter and the largest collection of cork architectural models, and the Schlossmuseum, a local history museum with art and furniture related to the town.

If you’re not too worried about history but are looking for somewhere good for lunch this could also be the perfect spot.  The outdoor seating area has some beautiful river views and is the perfect place to spend with a bottle of local wine or beer.

Big tip.  Don’t visit on a Monday, it’s closed!

When you’re ready, its back onto the main road and your next stop at Würzburg, the Festung Marienberg.  From the hilltop fortress there are some wonderful views over the Bavarian countryside, and if you’re into history and looking to get your fill of culture today, visit the Princes’ museum with its tapestries and paintings.  For those with just an eye for ‘pretty’ architecture then the views form the garden will probably be enough.

If you are looking at staying in Würzburg there are a couple of sites suitable for motorhome rental or campervan hire vehicles, or if you prefer to travel a little further there are a number to choose from to the south and east.

Day 2

Today’s first stop is at Rothenburg ob der Tauber which has a wide selection of things to do and see, so you might like to spend a day or two looking around.  

One of the top places to visit is the Burgtor und Burg, and that is obvious by the amount of visitors.  So, if its great pictures you’re looking for without too many tourists visit early in the morning or later in the afternoon.  The Burgator, or castle gate, leads from the chapel and garden into the town.  The two towers were once where the town’s guards would pour hot tar on invaders, so watch out!  If you enjoy exploring another interesting place to wander is the Old Town with its Rathaus or Town Hall and the Burggarten.

Day 3

A two hour drive south of Rothenburg ob der Tauber is Bad Wurzach, a small spa town.  This is another diverse place to explore with everything from a leper house to a peat railway.  The leper house is in fact the birthplace of painter and poet Sepp Mahler, and if you are interested in his work this is a great place to stop off.

Next you can continue to your next stop, or if you want a relaxing day stop at one of the nearby camp sites and continue your journey tomorrow.

Day 4

The highlight of this morning is a tour around the rooms of the Residenz in Kempten.  Furnished in a lavish French rococo style, this was where the political and economic powers of Kempton did business.

From here is around half an hour to your final stop before reaching Munich, Schwangau.  Schwangau is where you will find one of the most beautiful castles of the trip, the Neuschwanstein Castle, or Schloss Neuschwanstein.  Take a horse and carriage to the top and arrive just like something from a fairytale.  In fact, this castle was the inspiration behind Disney’s castle for Sleeping Beauty.  The castle was once built as a retreat for Ludwig II of Bavaria, and on his death it opened to the public who can now appreciate the beautiful views and the impressive interiors.  

Stay the night nearby and you get to see some stunning views of the castle by night, and in the morning make your way to your final destination, Munich from where you can travel on or catch an onward flight.  Of course you can always spend more or less time covering this route, the choice is your after all you have a home on wheels!

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