Best Roadtrips in Germany

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Germany with its spectacular diversity of landscapes; numerous rivers that traverse across the landform dressing it up in a verdant fabric; the majestic Alps waiting with open arms to thrill visitors; all offer the prefect setting for a road trip. Although the country boasts of one of the most sophisticated and convenient transportation network; there simply isn’t a better way to enjoy the delights of this nation than in your very own campervan. There are several motorhome rental in Germany that can be approached for an RV to suit your vacation needs. Whether you are traveling with friends or family, if you want an authentic taste of German culture, art forms, cuisine, and nature; a campervan is the way to travel. Here is a look at some of the most scenic routes in the country.

The Bavarian Alps Route: This is probably the most scenic route in the country; with snow capped peaks looking over you as nature plays the dual role of director as well backdrop and affords visitors the most panoramic and breath taking view of the Bavarian mountain ranges and the valleys nestled in between them. The slogan “a smile at every mile” was probably coined by an author inspired by this route. The only word to describe the experience is spectacular.

The Romantic Route: How can you possibly miss this route? Whether you are traveling with your spouse and would like to rekindle the romance of your youth or the road trip is meant to impress your beau; the romantic route will offer the perfect background for your plans. As the name suggests, the romantic road encompasses every nuance of love in its unspoiled beauty and bustling and picturesque towns right out of a romantic novel. The route takes you through Bavaria; in all its splendor; the definitive half timbered houses; proud city walls that have witnessed many a springs and autumns go by; the medieval castles that once played the focal point of the lair of a brave Knight and the serene monasteries. The 261 mile road is an embodiment of all things beautiful.

The Fairy tale route: If as a kid you could not help yourself from pondering whether the towns from the fairytales of the Grimm Brother actually existed; this will be your chance to witness them for yourself. The twins and villages served as the inspiration and the backdrop for several of the works of the Illustrious Brothers Grimm from Rapunzel to Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty and many more were all penned here. As a matter of fact; the narrow winding cobbled roads; the mystical castles, the quaint towns bordered by dense forests are enough to still conjure up images of witches and princesses.

The wine route: If you are a wine connoisseur, you simply must take the time out to drive down this road; the route located in the Rhineland Palatinate is one of the oldest scenic routes in the country. The road starts in the town of Bockenheim and leads you into the second largest wine producing region in the country and to the French border. Snaking its way through wine villages; Palatinate Forests in all their glory and several vineyards; the route is perfect if you want to learn about the 1000 viniculture of Germany.

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