Bavaria Motorhome Rental Holiday

Neuschwanstein Castle, photo by Jim McDonaldNeuschwanstein Castle, photo by Jim McDonald

Bavaria is a region of Germany that is synonymous with beer and probably represents the typical mage of Germany that visitors to the country have; known for its food and festivals; not least of which is the ultra popular Oktoberfest; the state is closer in terms of culture and cuisine to Germany’s neighbor Austria than with the other parts of the country. Along with Rhineland, Berlin and its capital Munich, Bavaria is the ultimate vacationer’s paradise in the country and offers hordes of opportunities for even the most discerning motorhome rental traveler.

For the inhabitants of this state, they are first and foremost Bavarians and then Germans; that is how proud they are of their heritage. Known to be more conservative than the rest of the Germans; Munich is albeit a very laid back and cosmopolitan city. The state spans from the North German Plains to the Bavarian Alps and in order to explore the vast landscape, you simply must have a motor home to drive through the sinewy road that take you from the dry sandy plains to the snow capped peaks of the Alps. Most urban areas in Bavaria have several motorhome hire establishments that can be approached to hire an RV.

Some of the Camping grounds in the area include:

Camping Donautal: Although sparse when compared to some of the other RV parks in the area; this camping site offers everything that you will need to be comfortable in your motor home; the parking areas are far away from each other which means that all visitors get enough privacy and room to get a barbeque going. 

Campingplatz in Estenfeld: This campsite offers several features including restaurants and shopping areas and fully equipped washing rooms and even an RV service station. This RV park is perfect if you are traveling with your family and are on the look out for a cozy, convenient yet well priced campground.

These are just two of a couple of dozen campsites speckled all over Bavaria and hence it should not be difficult to find a camping ground that is in the vicinity of a city or town in Bavaria that you would like to visit.

Place to see:

Berchtesgaden: The town is small and picturesque with wonderful opportunities for skiing; only about 30 kms from the Austrian city of Salzburg; Berchtesgaden is surrounded by Austria on three sides and you an see several influences of this geographical proximity on the culture and food of the place.

Chiemsee: The lake is complete with a multitude of water sporting opportunities, a mini Versailles, one of Ludwig’s castles and of course an idyllic mountain backdrop. Explore the area on a day picnic, the bust of Mary Antoniette; the tortoise shell cupboard that was meant to be a gift for the Beethoven, the castle grounds; Ludwig’s regalia, the room of mirrors and the dining table that sank into the kitchen so that Ludwig’s servants could load the food onto it without him ever having to see them; all make for wonderful viewing.

Oktoberfest: Although not a place; Oktoberfest is probably the most popular festival and tourist attraction of the country; held in October as the name suggests; the festival is the Mecca of beer lovers.

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