Panorama of Paris

Panorama of Paris

photo by Benh LIEU SONG (wikimedia commons)

Paris Motorhome Holiday

photo by Gloumouth1 (wikimedia commons)The Louvre palace (Richelieu wing) Photo by Gloumouth1 (wikimedia commons)

With 23.5 million people making their way to the city each year; Paris is easily one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The city has something to offer to even the most discerning traveler; from its pristine beaches to its world class shopping experience and from its amazing night life to its magnanimous museums; the city has it all. The best way to explore the wonders of Paris and the other tourist attractions outside the city is in your own motor home.

Renting an apartment or a hotel room can be an expensive pursuit on this city that never sleeps; in stark contrast are the France motorhome rental establishments that offer motor homes to meet the needs of all types of travelers. Several camping sites in Paris boast of some exclusive features such as swimming and entertainment areas and even shopping centers and restaurants. Here is a look at some of the recommended camping sites in and around Paris and the tourist attractions of the city.

Good campsites:

With in the city: There is  a camping site at the bois de bologne outside the peripherque and a mere 1.5 kms from the Eiffel Tower; the metro is less than half a kilometer away from the campsite so you can easily visit the tourist attractions of Paris

Outside the city: Maisons Lafitte: The staff here is friendly, the facilities are very good and you can take the train to Paris from the campsite.

Disney: If you are panning a Euro Disney vacation you may want to try Camping Jablines; there are buses that run from the site to Disney and Paris city center.

Places to see in Paris

Louvre: If you an art enthusiast, you must visit the Louvre; this palace of the yesteryears is today a world famous museum that houses some of the master pieces from the most celebrated artists of the renaissance period; from Michaelangelo to Picasso and from Boticelli to Rembrandt; all of their immortal works are stored here; however, the most famous art piece of the museum is of course the Mona Lisa.

Champs Èlysèes: This is a tree lined boulevard that runs through the center of one of the most affluent areas pf Paris; with rents reaching a staggering 1 million euros per year; this is easily the most expensive street to live in the on the continent. A trip to the Champs Èlysèes which starts with the drive below the famed Arc de Triomphe is a wonderful way to see how the jet setting crowd of the world lives.

The Eiffel Tower: This is probably the most popular monuments of  Paris; featured on every postcard , book and magazine about the country; the Eiffel tower was once considered to be hideous and there were plans to pull down the structure and sell the metal for scrap. Fortunately; the Parisians did not go through with it and the majestic Eiffel tower still stands tall on the Paris skyline affording visitors a spectacular view of the city.

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