Pampelone and Bonne Terrasse, French Riviera

Pampelone and Bonne Terrasse, French Riviera

photo by B3R-Malbarre (wikimedia commons)

Best French Beaches

photo by Romary (wikimedia commons)Beach of Penvins,Morbihan, Bretagne Photo by Romary (wikimedia commons)

A trip to France would be unimaginable without a sizeable amount of time spent languishing on the famous beaches along the legendary coastline of the country. From nude beaches to coastal areas suitable for family fun and from the bustling tourist spots to the serene calm local sojourns, France has them all. These beaches are scattered along the coastline that borders the Mediterranean; so, if you want to get a taste of most of them, France motorhome rental should be on top of your list of priorities. Here is a look at the best beaches that the country has to offer:

Fun on the Brittany Coast: After the French Riviera, the Brittany coast is the mot popular beach area in France with tourists and locals alike. The coast line has stunning long expanses of sandy beaches that are perfect to work on your tan, complete with board walks and beach shops and also jagged cliffs, peaks and estuaries that provide the experience of a stunning coast line, some of the popular beaches in the area include:

La Baule: This is probably the most popular beach in the country; well known for its long stretch of white sand that runs along the length of the bay. The beach is a very popular resort town and it is normal to find throngs of locals and tourists flocking to La Baule every summer. Keeping with the influx of tourists, the beach has an assortment of shops, businesses and restaurants to cater to their whims. If you are looking for a tranquil getaway, this will not be the right beach for you; however, if you want to have fun watching babes in bikinis and work on that sun kissed look; this is a good place for the job.

Belle-lle: You will have to take a ferry to reach this quant island that is a mere 9 km by 17 kms; the beaches are a combination of placid stretches of sand and dramatic cliffs. The island was featured in several Hollywood movies; notably among them “The man in the iron mask”. The island is perfect for a daytrip or for a short overnight stay.

Cap d’Agde: If you would like to let your inhibitions lose and want to experience the feeling of skinny dipping in the warm waters of the Mediterranean; this is the beach to go to. The public beach is beautiful but you will be expected to keep your swim suit on here. To get into your birthday suit, head over to the part of the town known as “Naked City”; although going nude is not a mandate; you sure do have the option to do so.

The French Rivera: This is one of those “post card” attractions of France; featured in numerous Hollywood productions and often the backdrop of chases in Bond movies; the French Rivera has played host to many a film stars and international jetsetters. The warm Mediterranean sun, the cloudless blue sky, the golden beaches and the luxury resorts that line them are perfect for experiencing the proverbial champagne wishes and caviar dreams for a few days. One of the most popular beaches in the area is:

St. Tropez: Full of multi million dollar yachts docked in the marina, five star hotels and the occasional glimpse of Hollywood or European royalty, St. Tropez is no longer the sleepy, quaint sea side village that it once used to be. The peak seasons here are in July and August when the weather is most suitable to get the perfect tan.

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