Väderskär, Åland, Finland

Väderskär, Åland, Finland

photo by Användare (wikimedia commons)

Top 10 Places to Visit in Finland

Kastelholm in Sund, Åland, Finland photo by Terho Lehtimäki and Esa Sorjonen (wikimedia commons)Kastelholm in Sund, Åland, Finland photo by Terho Lehtimäki and Esa Sorjonen (wikimedia commons)

So you’ve booked a campervan hire or motorhome rental in Finland and you need to decide where you’re going, here are just a few places which you might like to try for yourself. 

The Icebreaker Tarmo museum.  This museum ship is the world's oldest icebreaker, moored in the City Port of Kotka.  Built in 1907 it was responsible for clearing the ice for over 300 ships a year.  Used for the last time in 1970, it was later transformed into a museum and docked next to the maritime Centre. 

The Finnish National Forest Museum, Exhibition and Activity Centre, Lusto.  The centre is found in the south east Finland in Punkaharju, and tells its visitors the story of the interaction between the forest and the areas cultural history. The exhibition shows how the Finns have lived off the forest in different times and includes special exhibitions and demonstrations on forest culture. 

The Tallipiha or Stable Yards near Tampere have recently been restored and are part of the collection of old cotton mills, dating back to Finland's manufacturing history. The site features a stable, a coach house and four small dwellings that the owner of the mill built for the day to day running of the business. 

Aland is always a beautiful place to visit but especially in midsummer.  This is when the area holds its Midsummer festival where local people celebrate with feasts and the raising of each village’s Midsummer pole, the symbol of summer.  Everyone is welcome to participate in the rituals surrounding the events, including visitors.

The Sappee Visitors Centre in Palkane is a ski centre during the winter but in the summertime it's where activities and events for the whole family take part in the forest.  There are plenty of places to camp out and lots activities for all family members.

The Sealife Centre, Helsinki.  The centre has over 50 displays of fish and other inhabitants of the oceans with the highlight being the hi-tech ocean tank with transparent walkthrough tunnel and the stars of the exhibition the sharks.

Situated near the centre of Nokia is the Rantasipi Eden spa a 1,500 square-metre spa facility.  The sap has a huge range of facilities treatments along with restaurants and a guest harbour. 

The Natural History Museum of Central Finland, Jyvaskyla.  Focus’ on the diversity of nature and conservation and includes the oldest bedrock and some fascinating nature trails including watery ones.

The last two attractions are probably what make Finland so famous

Visit one of the many genuine reindeer farms that are located around Suomussalmi, Hossa.  They offer all kinds of reindeer related activities and information including sleigh rides, reindeer feeding, reindeer handling and hand made souvenirs.  There are also reindeer restaurants, so if you don’t want to upset the kids avoid these!


Last but by no means least is Santa’s Office, follow a long corridor filled with Santa’s secrets to reach one of worlds most important workplaces.   Learn the answers to many questions such as how Santa is able to visit everyone’s home during a single day and how he fits down the chimney.  There is also an opportunity to visit Santa free, every day of the year.

Whether you choose a motorhome rental or a smaller campervan hire in Finland there are an incredible amount of places to visit as well as natural beauty to explore. 

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