Aerial view of Rovaniemi, Finland

Aerial view of Rovaniemi, Finland

photo by MattiKSinisalo (wikimedia commons)

Rovaniemi Motorhome Holiday

Santa Claus' Workshop Village (Joulupukin Pajakyla) near Rovaniemi photo by Jeanie Mackinder (FlickrSanta Claus' Workshop Village (Joulupukin Pajakyla) near Rovaniemi photo by Jeanie Mackinder (Flickr

Nearly on the Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi is on of the most modern cities in Finland despite is northerly location.  The university city is home to over 34,000 inhabitants and even has its own theatre company and an Arctic Research Centre.  

Rovaniemi is also very close to the village of Joulupukin Pajakyla……any ideas?  Yes, that’s right Santa Claus Village. Whatever time of year you visit he’s always at home, it’s also where you can pat his reindeer.

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There are two campsites in the vicinity of Rovaniemi that are suitable for motorhome rental and campervan hire, both with  plenty of shady spots and a lake as well as shops and other facilities.  If you are travelling further a field you will also find a large number of campsites in the National Parks and around the lakes in Lapland.

As you’ve rented a motorhome or campervan you will want to get out and about not stop in one place, and nice as Rovaniemi is you probably didn’t come here to stay in a city so travelling north of here, what can you expect to see?

130 Km north of Rovaniemi is one of the oldest Sami settlements in the country, Sodankyla.  Here you will also find fells, huge moor-like expanses of wilderness with great opportunities for cycling and hiking.  

Another 105 Km north of Sodankyla is Tankavaara.  Tankavaara is a developed gold panning area; it’s the home of the Kultamuseo Gold Museum

Another 40Km north is Saariselka, the place to visit if you love to be on your own in the wilderness. The area is mile upon mile of forest and fells (thousand of miles actually).  It may be wilderness but there are marked trails for walkers and cyclists; it’s good to keep to these trails as you don’t want to get lost.

The next area, 40 Km north of Saariselka is Ivalo.  If you are travelling with children visit Tunturikeskus Kiilopaa, an activity centre with lots of activities throughout the year.  

Last stop as we are getting right up into the very north of the country is Inari, another 40K Km north of Ivalo.  This is deep Sami country with beautiful lakes and Inarin Porofarmi, a working reindeer farm, where racing reindeer are trained and where you can try out your skills of reindeer sled driving.

This area is for visitors who love the wilderness and nature, just what motorhome rental and campervan hire is about, peace, quiet and plenty of good places to stay, you won’t have to overnight in a concrete park; here you can park by the side of a lake and feel like you’re the only people in the world.

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