Lake Kilpisjärvi in Enontekiö Lapland Finland

Lake Kilpisjärvi in Enontekiö Lapland Finland

photo by Veraldar (wikimedia commons)

Finland Geography

Kuusamo, Finland photo by BishkekRocks (wikimedia commons)Kuusamo, Finland photo by BishkekRocks (wikimedia commons)

With the most northerly part of the country located above the Arctic Circle, the geography of Finland is very different from the more southerly countries of Europe.  Finland borders the Russian Federation to the east, a small part of Norway to the north and a small part of Sweden to the North West, the rest of the country is surrounded by the Gulf of Bothnia, the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea.

The country can be divided into four main regions, Southern Finland home to the capital Helsinki, the historic West Coast, the Lakeland’s and Finnish Lapland; an incredible wilderness.

Southern Finland

This is Finland’s most densely populated area as well as being home to the beautiful islands of the Aland archipelago.  Helsinki, the capital, is a blend of ancient and modern.  Some of the areas most beautiful sites are its historic Russian and Swedish buildings and the Suomenlinna Maritime Fortress which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Outside the capital in the Turku region and the Aland archipelago you will find open spaces, parks and towns with considerable amounts of cultural and historical heritage sites to visit.

West Coast

The West coast is ideal for campervan hire or motorhome rental, inland there are open plains and rolling hills.  The roads are lined with historical wooden villages, and as this is the coastal area it has some incredible fishing villages too.  

The Lakes

With over 188,000 lakes, this is the largest Lake District in Europe. Surrounded by towns, villages, cities and wilderness the lakes date back over 10,000 years and considered by the Finns as a very important part of their heritage.  This is also where the Finns come to relax and enjoy outdoor pursuits such as fishing, hiking, swimming and boating.

Finnish Lapland

This is an incredible region to visit in a motorhome rental or campervan hire, not in the winter however its just too cold, but around May when the temperature begins to rise and the snow melts the air is clean and  the waters crystal clear.  This also the land of the midnight sun so in mid-summer it never gets completely dark, great if you enjoy packing as much into your holiday as possible.   After mid summer has passed autumn is soon upon the most northerly parts of the country, this is a time for the bright colours of autumn and the opportunity to witness the Aurora Borealis or the Northern lights that fill the sky after nightfall.  

Whatever your interests, Finland couldn’t be a better place for motorhome rentals and campervan hire, it gives you the opportunity to move freely, see some incredible things and avoid paying the high costs of hotels.  The roads are all very well maintained and wide, and unless you visit one of the cities you won’t encounter traffic jams.

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