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Motorhoming in Valparaiso

Photo by Beatrice Murch (Flickr Creative Commons)British Arch, Valparaíso Photo by Beatrice Murch (Flickr Creative Commons)

The city of Valparaiso is a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site.  A motorhome rental or campervan hire holiday here is more about wondering the streets, taking in the atmosphere and the brightly coloured buildings rather than trudging round tourist sights.  You’ll be glad of this because much of the city is extremely hilly, but that’s where one of the ‘must do’s’ comes in handy, not just for tourists but residents too, more about that later.  As with any city Valparaiso has a multitude of places to eat, drink and to be entertained in, so it’s recommended to find a good place to stay for a few nights and just enjoy the atmosphere.
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If you’re lucky, one of the hostels in the centre may rent you a piece of their courtyard or garden, but be prepared for it to be very small.  Your best bet is to travel outside the city along the coast and find a site there, or somewhere just off the side of the road, depending on how long you want to stay.

Top things to see and do

Take an ascensore, or tram.  It’s said that going to Valparaiso without going on an ascensore is like going to Venice and not going on a Gondola, so this is the ‘must do’ for any holiday.  The best one for views of the ocean and the city is the Ascensor Artilleria, this is also the oldest tram at more than 100 years of age; it has been serviced so don’t worry.  When you get to the top there is an excellent local craft market and places to admire the wonderful views, or if you walk away from the top station you can get some excellent pictures of the trams passing each other with some very pretty houses in the background.

Take a city tour with the ‘German Pirate’.  The pirate has lived in Valparaiso for years and knows everything and everyone in the city, or that’s the way it seems!

For another 360-degree view of the city visit Pablo Neruda’s house, La Sebastiana.  The writer and politician’s four storey home has a strange round post modern fireplace this is also part of the attraction here, it’s known as the ‘jar of smoke’.

If you’re in Valparaiso at the weekend you can visit Ex – Carcel.  The former prison is the city’s best art museum which exhibits works from former inmates alongside other famous and notorious artists.

Valparaiso is a city which is an experience, rather than filled with particular tourist sights, but for visitors on a motorhome rental or campervan hire holiday the city is a gentle acclimatisation to your holiday destination or somewhere to gently break in to a city again before retuning home.

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