Milodon Cave, Puerto Natales

Milodon Cave, Puerto Natales

Photo by Rémi Jouan (wikimedia commons)

Chilean Geography

Photo by Zootalures (Wikimedia Commons)Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley) near San Pedro de Atacama Photo by Zootalures (Wikimedia Commons)

There are a few ways to describe the geography of Chile, thin is one, diverse another, but a popular way is to describe it by colours….confused? Well it’s pretty self explanatory, start off with orange at the top, signifying heat, as you head south the colour changes to yellow until you reach the centre where it tunes green, then it turns blue, and then finally at the very southerly tip white! Now isn’t that a different way of describing things; but if you prefer a more traditional approach here we go….

To the north is Peru, to the east, Bolivia and Argentina, to the south the Atlantic Ocean and to the west the South Pacific.  Chile is 2,690 miles or 4,329Km long, and at its widest point just 112 miles or 180Km.  The islands of Robinson Crusoe, and Easter Island also lie off the west coast.  Between the coast and its neighbours to the east are the towering Andes and in between them are the green valleys of the excellent wine growing regions such as Valparaiso, and the Atacama Desert, the driest desert in the world.

Visitors with a motorhome rental or campervan hire vehicle may not want to venture into the high Andes, or the heart of the Atacama for that matter, but the national parks, are ideal places to explore.  Each region has at least one or two parks, and all, except those in the very far south, are suitable for travel at anytime of the year.    Perhaps one of the most famous national parks in the country is the Torres Del Paine National Park in the very south of Patagonia.  Here, visitors can visit the southern most tiers of the Andes, crystal clear lakes of the Lago Nordenskjöld and Lago Sarmiento, and some incredible glaciers.  The translation of Torres Del Paine means towers of blue, and relate to the three immense rock towers within the park.  
For geography of a different kind there’s the Oasis de Pica Mamina Hot Springs, this really is every kind of geography rolled into one.  Found right in the middle of the dessert, the oasis is here because of the fog from the Atlantic which brings water to keep the area alive with tropical trees and vegetation.  The area is surrounded by mountains and volcanoes, there are even flamingo here, and because of its micro climate you can visit all year round.

As well as the national parks there also cities such as the capital Santiago to explore, and in the very south Punta Arenas on the Magellan Straits, from here it’s just 881 miles or 1418Km from the coast of Antarctica.
Wherever you choose to visit on your motorhome rental or campervan hire holiday to Chile, there will be new experiences and wonderful scenery to welcome you.

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