Saskatoon, SaskatchewanPhoto: Gordon Taylor

With its wide open spaces, views that go on forever and golden wheatfields waving in the breeze the prairie province Saskatchewan stirs the soul as you travel through by motorhome.

Saskatchewan’s cosmopolitan capital, Regina (named after Queen Victoria), boasts one of North America's largest urban parks at its core. More than an enchanting green space, Wascana Centre also holds the city’s Royal Saskatchewan Museum, the University of Regina campus, provincial legislative buildings and the finest in regional, national and international art at the MacKenzie Art Gallery. Wascena Centre’s grounds attract visitors who can happily while away the day (year-round) picnicking, boating, bird watching, cycling and taking nature walks.

It's known as Canada’s prairie breadbasket, and is geographically quite minimalist - beautiful in a stark, simple way. Plain speaking is the default mode here. If there’s such thing as having “no accent,” that’s “Saskatchewanese”.

To the east lies the Province of Manitoba, and to the west is Alberta. To the North are the Northwest Territories and Nunavut and to the south lies North Dakota and Montana. The province has a subtle yet distinct charm and offers many memorable experiences to be had in your RV.

  • Saskatoon, the province’s largest city, is considered Canada’s most beautiful mid-sized city thanks to a progressive campaign protecting its riverbanks. The city is also deservedly proud of it vibrant arts theatre and cultural communities. Both saskatoon and Regina are good bases from which to explore Saskatchewan by RV.
  • Winter’s cold. But Saskatchewanians have turned it in their favour: all sports yet invented for ice—hockey, speed skating, figure skating, broomball, curling—are played here. But summer’s beautiful and dry, and people are out cycling and golfing en masse.
  • Saskatchewan's famous glowing sunsets over endless shimmering fields of wheat make for a striking sight.



Saskatchewan’s sunny capital city is the perfect place to rent an RV from to explore the city and beyond. As the sun sets, the city comes alive; from quiet and intimate to busy and bustling, there's something for everyone. From small pubs to the bright lights and big sounds of the Warehouse District, you’ll have the chance to experience a variety of nightclubs, award winning brews, fine cuisine and the best in local and Canadian music.

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Whether it's your base for exploring Saskatchewan or a stop on your RV itinerary, Saskatoon is a fantastic place to visit by motorhome as it celebrates its rich culture through a continuous line-up of festivals, events, and performing arts.Popularly referred to as the "Bridge City," for its seven river crossings, the city is often also described as "refreshing", likely prompted by its lively atmosphere, warm hospitality and diverse cultural attractions.

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