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At the edge of the Arctic, in the heart of the wilderness, lies a city of youth, energy, adventure and prosperity. Take your RV to Yellowknife to fish, camp and escape. The largest town in the Northwest Territories, Yellowknife has little more than 18,000 residents, but although it's still 1508km to Edmonton and only 512 km south of the Arctic Circle, the small city is rapidly growing and modernising.

Being built on gold, nurtured by government and growing with diamonds plus the abundance of minerals, oil and gas in the NWT has had dramatic economic impacts on Yellowknife. (Since the discovery of diamonds in 1991, there are three operating diamond mines in the NWT).

Yellowknife takes its name from Native peoples who used copper-bladed knifes. The city is a culturally rich capital thriving with diversity. Located on the shores of the spectacular Great Slave Lake, it's known for outdoor recreation, midnight sun, aurora borealis and an unusual blend of northern culture.

Try and plan your motorhome visit to Yellowknife in the last week of March for the famous Caribou Festival and the Canadian Championship Dog Derby. Otherwise, on the longest day of the year (June 21) there's a big festival that goes all night, and the same date is also Aboriginal Day, a territorial holiday that honours the Aboriginal people of the North and features traditional entertainment, storytelling, and lots of caribou stew, bannock and tea.

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