Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland and labradorPhoto: Peter Helm

Canada's easternmost province is made up of majestic scenery, towering icebergs, quaint seaside villages and amazing sealife, making exploring Newfoundland and Labrador by RV a truly unique experience.

This extreme landscape of fierce beauty is made up of glacially carved inland fjords, wild jagged coastlines and towering mountains of ice-crossing paths.

The province is divided into two geographical parts: Labrador which is on the eastern part of the Canadian mainland, and the island which is located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Geographically, “The Rock” is out there. Separated from the mainland by the Strait of Belle Isle, Newfoundland is actually closer to Ireland than it is to Winnipeg, MB, or Chicago (USA). (Which gives you an idea how big Canada is: St. John’s, The Rock’s capital, is 4-½ time zones from Vancouver, BC.) Access to Newfoundland with your RV is by vehicular ferry, and St Johns is the best location from which to hire an RV in Newfoundland.

In this rugged land, numerous generations of people have forged their living from the sea alone - no place is more than 100kms away from the ocean. RVers will find some of the most interesting, fun-loving folk in Canada who are famed for their warmth and hospitality. Newfoundlanders celebrate their heritage with festivals, music and events throughout the summer, making it equally enjoyable to visit Newfoundland by RV in the warmer months.

Some other options to keep an eye out for on your RV travels:

  • Huge 36-ton humpback whales are a common sight.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador are home to an excavated 1,000-year-old Viking settlement, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Some 200 salmon rivers and thousands of trout streams make Newfoundland the perfect destination for enthusiastic anglers.


St John's

St. John's is known as the 'Gateway to Canada' and with Cape Spear, the most eastern point in the Americas being only 15 minutes south, St. John's is the furthest town out into the Atlantic on the continent, making it the nearest point in North America to Europe. It's the main financial and commercial centre for Newfoundland and Labrador, and the capital of the province.

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